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Thread: Would the game be better without this forum?

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    Originally Posted by Nick Sticks View Post (Source)
    Would the game be better without this forum?

    Maybe, but the alternative isn't working for me.

    I've been writing letters about Elite Dangerous to the Acorn User and BBC Micro User magazines and I've not had one published yet, and not even an acknowledgement.
    Sad story. Never give up, never surrender

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    Originally Posted by Dommarraa View Post (Source)
    All we would be left with is...

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    no, aand no.

    the game without the forum would not work.

    not for me. as a player with little time i have to make to most of it. Without hints whats out there i would miss 70% of the content. and i don't want to miss that content.

    not for the game. a multiplayer game needs a community and one or several places for that community to commune AND to rage. that causes attention for the game which it needs to stay alive.

    i think this forum is an essential part of the game.

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    You have a point. But I think FD rely on the community to generate content, or at least drive it. I personally would prefer the alternative but that would require more work. ED would be more of a single player game with some multiplayer added. That would suit my play style better but I am sure it would not suit many of you.

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    Instead of proving you're not a robot when logging in, you're faced with a couple of questions to establish your ability to distinguish the difference between 'constructive criticism' and 'entitled whining'...

    Where's the door...

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    Originally Posted by TGC Brony TO View Post (Source)
    Nope, I'm out. Hate navigating that place.
    I still don't know how to navigate it. (Reddit)

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    Nope. With the advent paying per month for internet access, I've always considered participating in the forums part of an online game. Its a way of engaging with other players outside the game, to hear rumors and news, and to participate in discussions about the future of the game, including game balance.

    Before the days of mobile devices, I had to choose between participating on the forums and playing the game. Usually, I'd drop in on the forums during breakfast before work, drop in again while waiting for my meal to cook, and then play the game. These days, I can drop in on the forums wherever I am, if I have a free moment. Waiting to pick someone up? Forum. On break at work? Forum. Waiting for an appointment with my doctor? Forum. One of the ironies these days is that on a workday, I actually have more time to participate on the forum, than I do to actually play the game.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Brock Samson View Post (Source)
    This forum has no influnce whatsoever on the game.Otherwise FD wouldn't had wasted time and resources on ridonkolous stuff like CQC, Powerplay or Multicrew.
    It does, in some ways.

    Distant Worlds.
    Probably some other stuff too, like balancing updates etc.

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    The forum would be better without the game. Not so much salt, not so much whining, no complaints! We could just make up the game in our minds.

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    Seems like an opportune moment to post this ...

    "Alec's Best Of The Forum ... I trawl the forums so you don't have to" ... or something like that.

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    I love the forum. Not only does it add to the game but it also gives me hope for humanity as I have noticed in recent years people setup Facebook Groups instead of forums. Not only is that diabolical for anything other than a small group a lot of people don't even know what a forum is because of it.

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    Originally Posted by HailVectron View Post (Source)
    Just a musing here, not a criticism in any way:

    I'm sure, like a lot of you, I spend time on the Interwebs, on here, on YouTube, etc - picking up information about what's going on in various places around the galaxy, or what's coming up in the game. This recent update gave us the new 'encounter' with the Thargoid ship stealing our escape pods, but it was an encounter I already knew about - I'd seen someone streaming it, and read about it on here. It was great, but...

    ..but what if I hadn't known about it, if I wasn't expecting it, what would that encounter have been like? Pretty scary right - with the amazing sound design and look of the alien ship.... I've never been hyperdicted, but I'm pretty sure I would have needed backup underwear, if it had happened to me BEFORE I even knew the Thargoids were coming back into the game. Afterwards, I'm pretty sure that I would have gone in to open, hit up a big port, and told every one of you I could find what had happened! I would have engaged. Some of you might have believed me, some might not, some might have gone out to check, and the story would take hold - then an article would appear on GalNet, and so on. Imagine if Galnet was the ONLY place you used for news?

    TLDR : Imagine for a minute what the game would be like if real Cmdr interaction and Galnet were the only places that galaxy happenings were distributed.
    I agree that it would be awesome not to need to visit the forum. Basically in most games I never go to the forums as there is little to no need. In ESO I went to the forum to find a guild and then to report bugs as that was all the forum was needed for. Issue with ED is that it needs forums to exist- it needs youtube videos and other step by step guides as well as 3rd party apps to be playable - it is ultimately poor game design that pushes us to play the game half in forums and half in the game as the game misses a lot of mechanics to support itself, thus ruining of the content is inevitable.

    Example - to get the Palin mission - I would have never even known about the mission without youtube, same for lost megaships ect ... there is nothing in game that would drive me to those areas and reveal this hidden content, thus forums/ youtube and other social media are a necessity to play this game which is a terrible shame. The game has some awesome content, but to get to it or to find it, most will resolve to youtube thus see the content before they play it.

    As I said above if this game had ingame drives and mechanics that push players towards the content as is common in most games then we wouldn't need youtube and forums as much and the game would be much better for it in my opinion (which is of course highly subjective in this instance as it is based purely on my perception of what is a good or bad game design)

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    Now that would be special, but the internet has changed everything, if it wasn't on here it would be somewhere else. And you forgot to mention the sheer negativity and venum in some of the subs. Best just to be abit disciplined in what you read on here.

    also as a side not, I'm thinking of bringing my T9 to harvest meta alloys soon, if you interested in meeting up to provide escort, would love to have another Welsh Cmdr on my wing. At my estimate on a full load of 250 profits will be 300mil.

    CMDR Valleys

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    Try Yahoo Groups or Google Circles.

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    This forum is often more entertaing than the ‘game’!

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