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Thread: [Guides] I Finished my Flight Assist Off Beginner Series!

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    [Guides] I Finished my Flight Assist Off Beginner Series!

    I'm so excited to be able to post this. Back in May, I posted the first video of some training that I use when training apprentices in Newton's Gambit. This Beginner Series, meant to be divided into five sections, has matured into an archive of training material which will be continued and grown upon as time goes on, well beyond its original scope. The beginner series itself, is comprised of more than two hours of exercises and conceptual lessons.

    Since May, this series has been my heart and joy to work on.

    Today, I uploaded the final video in the main beginner series. My hope is that this completed beginner series will...
    • Help those who are interested in learning more about FAOFF
    • Help demystify the art of FAOFF
    • Provide positive encouragement to those studying and using FAOFF
    • Provide a solid educational base for an archive of information regarding FAOFF that other commanders will build upon

    Since I began this series, our group has grown in leaps and bounds and I have met so many wonderful people. Thank you so much to all those who I have met along the way and to those who have commented and watched for giving me the fire to continue its organization and production.

    Flight Assist Off Beginner Training
    (link to full playlist)

    Proficiency #1

    Proficiency #2

    Proficiency #3

    Proficiency #4

    Proficiency #5

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    Congratulations on getting it all finished!

    Well done, and thankyou for your contribution to the community!

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    Great work! Look forward to trying these out. I’m just getting started with fa off after years of fa on and this looks really helpful.

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    I'll take a look at it all a bit later. Thanks for the effort.

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    Great series, thank you for the effort o7

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    Great stuff!

    These videos are great. They are thoughtful and give you that I gotta try that! buzz.

    Obviously the second one is the best (because I am in it - that's me at the end. )

    Brilliant stuff

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    Awesome and thank you a lot. Trying those on a DS4, at a PS4.

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    Will definitely check these out. Ozram is quite a ways ahead of me in this department, and I need to close the gap

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    Excellently done Commander.

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    About bloody time mate o7

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    I am your subscriber since you did #1. It's excellent work! I haven't finished watching it, but i decided to take my bubble ship (DBE) and just do 100% FaOff (ok, except cargo scooping, how the hell is this possible?!).

    Any plans for the future?

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    Awesome work! Subscribed.

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    This should be archived in the guides section!

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    I watched all of them and they are awesome! Congratulations CMDR, nice job!

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    Originally Posted by Knightshark View Post (Source)
    This should be archived in the guides section!
    I reported the OP (with lavish praise).

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