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Thread: Interdicting NPCs spawning too close to stations and stop in front of you

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    Crash on pursuing ship spawn



    Time of occurrence

    Date of occurrence

    None / N/A

    Mies van der Rohe's Claim

    Enayex near watt port


    Ship Type
    Asp Explorer

    Commander Name

    After outrunning a pursuer (initial message received, but arrived at station before the pursuer managed to interdict) the pursuer drops out of FSD at the station, sometimes in flight path of my ship.
    In some cases the pursuer almost dropped into the station structure, as I was already quite close (~1km). Seems the distance to the player is fixed.
    In two cases this resulted in a full collision. In one of these cases the pursuer exploded and patrol forces then killed my ship. 1MCredits, so no big deal.
    Reproducability is 100% in said situations, as an avoided pursuer will always drop in too close. It is just a matter of probability if this will cause something to happen.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1 Get Pursued by any ship
    2 Get out of frame shift drive before interdiction at usual distance from station
    3 Get the enemy ship to spawn right next to you because he's pursuing
    (4) use afterburner to get closer to station to reproduce different spawn distances
    (5) do not dock until pursuer drops out of FSD, this might take some time.

    Additional files?
    No additional file.

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    after a few days of investigation i am pretty sure this is not a bug unfortunatly, but it is intended. npc enemy leave hyperspace near to you wherever you are. I stopped my ship in any distance to the destination from 1,5km to 7,4km ( all in no fire zone ). Npc always leave hyperspace near to you or behind! you. Always. Look. I was in all of that case fixed in one space point. Stopped. No engine on. ( so it is not related to aur approaching speed) I done 20 test in the last 2 days and the result is what I wrote. If someone wants to do the same test is welcome

    But I don't understand why FD have to put this kind of bug intencionally. NPC are too stupid maybe ? so they have to cheat the game rules ? ( it is not a lame post )

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