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Thread: [STORE] bugs -- mis-labelled items, Q4'17, for your review

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Vulcan View Post (Source)
    Hey CMDR,

    I've passed your feedback along.

    Thanks, Cmdr Vulcan, much appreciated.

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    The TYPE-10 DEFENDER Military paint pack's COLOUR LISTINGS are affecting the FILTER LIST

    Plus, it has 2 entries for 1 colour, and 1 colour NOT "listed":


    However, WHERE is the "NAVY BLUE"?

    Using this search term SPECIFICALLY TO HIGHLIGHT the "Ship colour" filter list -- which you will see at the lower left of the loaded page..
    Note the "individual colours" now showing in the filters list..

    Whomever new staffer you've got who's specifying the INDIVIDUAL COLOURS within each pack, while I think that's GREAT, it will need to be applied across ALL PAINT PACKS as, currently, the MAIN page's "Ship Colour" filter list shows several colours with ONLY 1 PACK attributed to it.

    (See to contrast)

    It will also need to be done as CONSISTENTLY AS POSSIBLE... and if this continues in the "right" direction, I hope to see "Multi" disappear from the filters list.

    I wonder if you could implement a "PRIMARY COLOUR" filter vs an "OTHER COLOUR(S)" filter selection...
    The "base" colour being the most prevalent, of course, or with majority coverage... so, e.g. Viper/Cobra "Poland" flag, I'd say "Red" (as a "colour" vs White, even though the flag is meant to be 1/2-1/2..?), so UK, Oz, NZ would all have "Primary Colour" as "Blue", and would come up in a colour-filtered list of ALL paint packs with "blue" base colour...

    Squadron ships would NOT be included in "Primary Colour" filters, as they'd simply stay under the "Squadron" filter.
    .. but PIRATE packs SHOULD "also" appear via "Primary Colour" filtering _as well as_ the "Pirate" filter.
    (So window-shoppers can "quick-compare" --- eg, with Filters set: colour=Red, ship model=Python, then all base-colour-red Pythons INCLUDING the Pirate Python would show in the filtered view; shopper can quickly compare "skull-marked" vs "non")

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