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Thread: Will Elite Dangerous have Atmospheric Landings, Space Legs or Procedural Cities by 2019?

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    Originally Posted by Raino View Post (Source)

    propper windshield cleaning service at stations and i would be fine
    *SQUEAK* *SQUEAAK* *pshhhhtttt* *pshhhtttt* *squeak squeak*

    That'll be tree fiddy

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    Originally Posted by NeilF View Post (Source)
    I'll agree that space legs done anything akin to most of the gameplay added to the game over the past couple of years will be a wasted effort IMHO. We'll end up with point and click gameplay that will all but be worn out in a few hours by most players.

    BUT, atmospherics are a different thing IMHO. Imagine landing by a large lake, with a waterfall dropping into it to your left. There's a bright aurora on the horizon reflected across the lake... etc etc...

    While atmospherics will probably not offer much gameplay, they could add some much needed exploration variety and novelty.
    Imagine a mission where you have to deliver supplies to a planetary outpost. The trick is you have to fly your asp through a dense storm with heavy rain and lightning. Imagine the rain hitting your glass and the flashes of lightning illuminating the clouds. High Risk of your ship going down but High Reward upon delivery.

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    Originally Posted by Remus View Post (Source)
    I'll give you a small hint.

    Imagine grand theft auto, but with ships, and 400000000000 planets to explore.

    No, I don't want GTA in space, I said it was just a hint.
    My point is, all the content has to be created first. That takes time. Running around barren moons is not my idea of fun.

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    Originally Posted by Dooguk View Post (Source)
    Why, do you want to be bored just running around with nothing to do in the game?
    Now, please try to formulate an intelligent question...
    You can do it!
    I believe in you!

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    Originally Posted by Lux Veritas Occulta View Post (Source)
    Now, please try to formulate an intelligent question...
    You can do it!
    I believe in you!
    Why would I waste my time asking you an intelligent question?

    Oh look an ignore option.

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    Originally Posted by Replicant View Post (Source)
    How about improve the current broken in game mechanics and improve some quality of life things before space legs/cities?
    That's what Beyond is going to do.

    Take Mining. Look at the original plans.

    That was FAR more in depth and involved than the system we eventually got. The DDF had the player being able to mine comet and dust/gas clouds in addition to asteroids. It required the player to prospect to locate the most lucrative veins rather than blow off the most accessible surface visible ores we have now. Mining for ores, for metals, for liquids and gases was envisaged. Mining itself was more involved as the possibility of a catastrophic event would have been present, or simple contamination or even "void creatures". Not to mention the ability to set up an autominer.

    And of course, the ability to register a claim.

    Much more involved.

    Hopefully, they'll look back to the original DDF. But Mining, Exploration, Salvage...these all require work and I hope Beyond will address them in a manner that will deepen the experience.

    Same with exploration and salavge, bounty hunting and mercenary work, refining and trade...and more. All of these are in the game, but all these systems are barebones and need to be fleshed out. Even systems such as powerPlay, or new additions such as MultiCrew need looking at again.

    IMO, for some of these, they'd be better off scrapping what they have and starting again.

    Personally - I also think they should bring back MicroJumps. Add a few more restrictions to it and make it a real choice between a quick trip that is dangerous, or a slower trip that is safer. The example I like to use refers back to Andromeda and the way it's slipstream drive functioned. If a microjump allowed you to get to a destination much quicker, but required you to risk your ship to do so as the MicroJump process used a lot of fuel and damaged your ship, with success being gauged by your piloting skill and a failed attempt possibly landing you even further away with a much reduced fuel load and a ship that was damaged...

    I think that's the kind of game mechanic that could work out well in game...

    But yes....ED needs to improve it's own game mechanics. What we have is functional....but isn't really deep or involved in many ways.

    But that doesn't preclude the possibility of atmospheric flight or landing. I suspect that the easiest way to implement that feature would be to separate atmospheric worlds into inhabited worlds, and uninhabited...inhabited meaning a population large enough to require little things like landing permits. That'd save FD from the immediate need to create cities while still opening the door to small bases and villages. Uninhabited would then be used to categorise terraformed worlds with a minimal population, but would make use of terran lifeforms, non terraformed worlds with alien life, and inhospitable worlds such as gas giants which could be mined for gas....if you are brave enough to face the storms....and everything in between.

    To a degree, the need for content is less with Atmospheric flight and landings. A good atmospheric planet model would, in some ways, be its own reward. But I would hesitate to claim that it would require "no" new content to justify.

    OTOH....much of the content it needs would be similar to that offered by airless worlds. But I think you would need some system to procedurally generate bases, outposts, caves and small population centres. I think atmospheric worlds would also require a suitable flight model, one that takes into account the various issues such as atmospheric composition, weather, air pressure and so on. Enough, at least, so that flight feels different and possibly even gives certain advantages to some craft and disadvantages to others. Maybe even have some ships that cannot enter atmosphere, some ships that are good atmospheric fliers but poor at space flight and others which can even float, or go underwater.

    There is, however, quite a lot here that isn't necessarily difficult to achieve and which can be achieved alongside improving current game mechanics.

    I would expect atmospheric flight and landings - on "uninhabited" worlds - to be one of the next "big" features announced. Possibly during Beyond, but 2019 would be a better bet IMO. Beyonds main focus will be on acting as you suggest and improving existing game mechanics and the quality of life. And graphics....the worlds already look far better and better realised

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    Originally Posted by Chris Simon View Post (Source)
    Short - No.

    Long - If you think that cities, legs and atmospheres are some miracle features that will "save Elite" (from whatever you think it needs saving) you're mistaken. These things are yet another eye-candy. We don't need more eye-candy at the moment, nor in near future. Beyond is FAR more important for Elite than legs and cities.
    You don't know that. No one does.

    I disagree that Space Legs and Atmospheric Landings are merely eye-candy. They open up entirely new and compelling gameplay development opportunities, and complete the game in terms of being able to access all visible areas of it.

    As for Beyond, having briefly looked at the Beta I can say that there was no need to rework Engineers. All it means is that I now have to grind out all of the G5 Engineered upgrades on all of the ships in my fleet all over again, and at the end of it, unlike the legacy random upgrades, the completed new upgrades will be no better or worse than anyone else's, robbing my ships of their uniqueness. I'm not going to bother with it anyway because I'm currently 13,000l-y into the Formidine Rift in my fully-Engineered Sidewinder Enterprise, and there's no way I'm going to return to the Bubble just to re-engineer everything and then have to come all this way back out again. It defeats the whole point of having a Galactic sandbox to explore. Forget it. So I fail to see how Beyond is more important than Space Legs or Atmospheric Landings, which would entirely revitalize the experience of exploring the Galaxy.

    But at least one encouraging thing about Beyond is the fix for planetary illumination, which I was the only player to complain about starting more than two years ago now, until I was eventually shouted down and utterly discredited on the forums for it, and for over a year now had given up on ever seeing it happen. I really don't understand why some people are so unreservedly negative whenever anyone tries to excite enthusiasm for meaningfully improving the game, that they will qualify their hostility with logical fallacies, unqualified contradictions and often with personal attacks.

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