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Thread: Elite Poetry

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    Originally Posted by metascrawl View Post (Source)
    In the name of fairness...

    A strategy player so wiley
    Valued PvE play oh-so-highly
    He acquired a huge fleet
    Which he thought quite a feat
    Then got popped by a noob in a sidey.

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    Originally Posted by DaveB View Post (Source)
    In the name of fairness...

    A strategy player so wiley
    Valued PvE play oh-so-highly
    He acquired a huge fleet
    Which he thought quite a feat
    Then got popped by a noob in a sidey.
    Dave, you are nothing if not even-handed.

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    Originally Posted by Nick Sticks View Post (Source)
    Oh Federal grunt Beluga,
    Thy Microtransactions are to me
    As plurdled Generation Ships
    On a Cobra Mark Three.
    Groop, I implore thee, my foonting Thargoid Drones
    And hooptiously Engineer me
    With crinkly Sidewinders,
    Or I will rend thee in the Galaxy Map with my Fragment Cannon
    See if I don’t!
    I rather enjoyed that.

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    Originally Posted by Dommarraa View Post (Source)
    Pew pew, pew pew
    Pew pew pew
    Pew pew
    Pew pew
    Pew pew pew

    (Baldric 3301)
    Such a way with words

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    There was a pilot of an Imperial Courier,
    He really was quite a worrier,
    He flew around the Pleiedes void,
    Got hyperdicted by a Thargoid,
    Now he really couldn't be much sorrier

    Wanting the new weapons of update 2.4 he took part in a community goal,
    He really tried to be a helpful soul,
    After 4 of these
    He said no more please,
    I've found instead of story a great big hole.

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    Be nice to yu Thargoids dis christmas
    Cos’ Thargoids just wanna hav fun
    Thargoids are cool, Thargoids are wicked
    An every Thargoid has a Mum.
    Be nice to yu Thargoids dis christmas,
    Don’t eat it, keep it alive,
    It could be yu mate, an not on your plate
    Say, Yo! Thargoid I’m on your side.
    I got lots of friends who are Thargoids
    An all of dem fear christmas time,
    Dey wanna enjoy it, dey say humans destroyed it
    An humans are out of dere mind,
    Yeah, I got lots of friends who are Thargoids
    Dey all hav a right to a life,
    Not to be caged up an genetically made up
    By any farmer an his wing.

    Thargoids just wanna play reggae
    Thargoids just wanna hip-hop
    Can yu imagine a nice young Thargoid saying,
    ‘I cannot wait for de chop’,
    Thargoids like getting presents, dey wanna watch christmas TV,
    Thargoids hav brains an Thargoids feel pain
    In many ways like yu an me.

    (Benjamin Zephaniah 3302)

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    Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    I honk in the systems
    I'm passing through.

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    Thousands of light years I've travelled,
    flown ships with armour like butter.
    The sidey I hated, my FAS was much fun
    But nothing compares to my cutter!

    The station says give way to big ships
    don't speed, or fined you will be.
    The biggest ship in the game I own
    and no bug (ger) moves over for me!

    In cargo I can carry shed loads
    in combat I have the crack shot
    pieces are left when I shoot them
    But I still cant fit through the damn slot!

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    A Thargoid who lived in the Pleiades
    Was disgusted with human society
    So he posted bad verse
    Then made it much worse
    To cause them to lose their sobriety

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    Sometimes you feel like a klutz,
    Worrying about the If's, and's and but's,
    Though if you encounter a Thargoid,
    It is better to avoid,
    unless you're one of those PleiaDES NUTS.

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    While driving around a small moon
    Alec's first SRV went baddaboom
    Still a long way to go
    He deployed SRV "Joe"
    And carried on into the gloom!

    Read all about the ongoing adventure (and maybe even make a small charity donation?).

    Circumnavigating-a-planet (for charity)

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    I posted this elsewhere:

    There was once a Commander called Thrust
    Who mined a ’roid for rust
    When he checked in his hold
    It had all turned to Gold
    Such is the legend of Thrust!

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    There once was a pilot of a Keelback,
    Who wore a rather dapper tuxedo,
    He loaded his bays with torpedoes,
    Aptly named "Angry Burritos."

    The pilot found a commander alone in super-cruise,
    Setting himself up as a meaty ruse,
    The commander looped behind and snickered in chat,
    "My, that cargo hold looks a little fat!",
    The pilot was promptly interdicted,
    Oh, the damage the burritos inflicted.

    edit: italics are cool

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    A young pilot was feeling quite chipper,
    as he took off in a brand new Clipper.
    And when his tea was spent,
    to the loo he went,
    and caught it in his flight suit zipper.

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    Many ships are smallish,
    'Winder, Cobra, Hauler
    Many ships are longer,
    Many ships are teller
    Many ships are massive,
    Cutter, Clipper, 'Conda,
    So why my mother in law mass locks them all has to make you wonder.........

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