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Thread: Elite Poetry

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    Jack and Jill went out to find, a way to circumvent the grind, intendending to enhance their fun.

    They quickly were bested by a boy who'd invested, 160 on day one.

    Why are you Griefing? Jack said with a cry and Jill stood aghast hoping they would not die.

    The Griefer was erudite, a smooth talker for sure, but spouted only nonsense and mainly manure.

    This game is not about fun and its certainly not for everyone, and as long as I'm around all you noobs will stay poor.

    Jill furrowed her brow and started to say, but Jack read her mind and targeted his canopy.

    Her lasers did flash, his multicannons did Dakka, the surprise was too great, the griefers window did Shatter.

    Off into the void the griefer ran with a cry, beware me he shouted, this isn't goodbye.

    But that didn't matter the day had been won, Jack and Jill werent angry, it was all just for fun.

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    Cobra, Cobra, burning bright
    until a heat sink lights the night.

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    Place holder game play
    like place holder poetry

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