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Thread: WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

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    WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

    That simple, Drew said via Facebook that FD wanted to see interest is the Audiobook before committing to making it, I for one have purchased all the audiobooks in the store and paperback versions of the ones that do not have via Amazon because I live in Chile and FD doesn't ship physical products to the end of the world even tho I could ship my FDL all the way from Jameson Memorial to Colonia if I wanted.
    Anyway, maybe if we show enough interest FD will splash for a Graphic audio version, that would be awesome.

    See you all in the void fellow CMDRs

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    +1. I'm definitely interested. I quite enjoy throwing money at him. Hopefully, the recording quality will be slightly improved over the last book: I bought Reclamation in multiple formats - including the CD boxset - and they all sound identically slightly glitchy at particular points, which I thought was a shame.

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    Thanks for posting this up, CMDR!

    Can I encourage folks to show their support for this? The more people who post here, the more likely the audiobook version of Elite Dangerous Premonition will be produced!



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    +1 yeees! I have all avaliable ones. need!

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    Yes please, do want!

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    I would love this, already have the Reclamation audio book and love it, an audio version of Premonition would be great.

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    Ever since Premonition came out, I've been asking Drew when we're getting the Audiobook version (Ideally done by Radio Theater Workshop like the existing ones)

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    +1 - this must happen, please FDev

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    I'd buy it

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    +1 I'm enjoying the Reclamation audio book and would love to buy this one too.

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    Yes please, please...PLEASE!

    I love all the Elite lore books but I just donít get much time to read a book. Maybe half an hour at lunchtime at work and thatís in between the interruptions. So it takes ages!

    Iíve already bought Premonition as a paperback, but Iíd happily buy this too!

    I have the other audiobooks which are available and Iím working my way through all the lore in order (as best I can).

    So please make this happen Frontier!

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    Considering I have almost every Elite related audiobook I could find and two copies of both premonition and reclamation (ebook and paperback) I would love to see a Premonition audiobook.

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    Do want!!!

    I bought the book, and in my inner Voice everything sounds like the Reclamation audibook! Hehe

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