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Thread: WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

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    Deleted due to duplicate weirdness.

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    I would love an audiobook of Premonition and frankly more Elite Dangerous related audiobooks would be a great thing, especially ones spearheaded by FDev's excellent audio team.

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    I find it very difficult to find time to just sit down and read a book these days. Almost every book I read is an audio book because it fits into my lifestyle and I just find it far more enjoyable. I have already purchased the ebook for Eliteremonition and still haven't made the time to sit down and read it. That said I've listened to Elite:Reclamation multiple times and would purchase the audio book for Eliteremonition the day it was released.

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    Hell yeah, especially if you can work in the voice actors that did the logs in game. I have Reclamation and Mostly Harmless on audiobook and think I've listened to Reclamation four times and MH twice commuting back and forth to work.

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    Thanks for the continued interest folks. I haven't heard from Fdev as yet, but will give them another poke later in the week.



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    Yes, an audio book of Premonition, especially with 'soundscape' work from FDev's team for some effects and the like, would be very cool.

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    I'll buy it. I listened to reclamation while playing elite, much easier. So a thumbs up from me

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    I just finished Reclamation and am in want of more.

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    It must be narrated by;

    Seriously... ...think about all the paddy fans just buying it for THAT voice!

    (i'm sure the black friday sales will be enough to pay his fee. (edit)

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    Still no news and I think that implies there won't be any movement on this for the foreseeable future. I've got a bunch of stuff I need to be getting on with (other SF projects etc...) so I'll be checking out of the forums for a bit. I'll probably be back sometime during 'Beyond'. Thanks for all the support on this - really appreciated - if anything does change I'll, of course, let you know straightaway.



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    What a bummer. Was seriously looking forward to listening to this. The first one was one of the better audible books Iíve listened to and Iíve listened to some of the greats. Hopefully things change.

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    I listened to the last book, Reclamation on audible and it was amazing. I'd love an audiobook of this one.

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    I've been waiting for this to go to audiobook format since it's release. I didn't realize this thread existed. The last one was so well done, I hope that Frontier decides it's worth it.

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    I have not read the new book because i listened to the first one while playing the game. I cant imagine going through this new chapter of story just by myself. I would buy the audiobook in a heartbeat.

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    I prefer books in audio, as it means I can listen while driving or performing other tasks. I have bought all the available Elite Dangerous audiobooks, and I would buy the rest, were they available, most certainly including Premonition.

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