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Thread: WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

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    I would love this especially if ;-

    1. It's produced by the Radio Theatre Workshop (because they've done all the other Audio Books so far and Escapre Velocity)
    2. We have Toby Longworth in it again
    3. We also involve the two Actors who have been doing the superb voice work so far.

    That's not demanding too much is it?

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    Yes Please!!!!

    Loved the first Audiobook and would definitely give many credits for the second.

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    I want an audiobook version too

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    Definitly want this. Yes please I have bought a few, loved his last one.
    Please please please do this one also

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    I've been waiting for the audio books for drew's novels. get it done!

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    Yes please. I am actually waiting for the audio book to get the story.

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    +1 YES Make it so!

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    Got it for Reclamation. and loved it, Got Premonition, and would love the audio book for this.
    They're great for when I'm working in the office

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    Pretty please.

    Just do it Frontier, you know you want to...

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    Yes, an audiobook of Premonition please!

    After seeing them perform a chapter from the book at Fantasticon, I think Frontier should get Jay Britton and Amelia Tyler in to do characterisations.

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    I have difficulty with concentrating while reading, so I need to be able to listen to a book. I really want this in audiobook so I can truly savor it. Please, please, please do this.

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    +1 , I'd very much be interested in an audiobook version

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    +1000! WANT Audiobook version. No time for reading books! Besides theses nothing quite like exploring the galaxy while hearing tales from the bubble!

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