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Thread: WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

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    I REALLY want this as an audio book. I have been holding out for it! (Which is a struggle)

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    10/10 need this audio book as there's nothing better then exploring the vast galaxy whilst listening to stories about the vast galaxy

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    Yes please! I drive long distances. This would be fantastic 😁

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    I'd prefer the audio book over the actual book... unless there are illustrations that add to it.

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    Posting behalf of a friend who listened Reclamation audiobook during our trip to Beagle Point and back.

    So +1, yes please.

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    +1 , ain't much of a reader, so if it doesn't come out in Audio, I'll most likely never ingest the story.

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    "This is Commander Gaspurr and I fully endorse this product."

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    Many thanks for all the responses on this folks!

    Here's a little background on how we got here...



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    Yes, I'd like to see (hear!) this too - especially if Jay and Amelia can be involved.

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    Yes please! I enjoyed all other audiobooks so far. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    I loved the Reclamation Audiobook!

    I for one would love to have a Premonition Audiobook. I initially came across these books in this form and would like to be able to dive into them while at work.

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