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Thread: WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

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    Yes please An audio version is much desired here. The first one was so well done.

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    +1 for me as well. I'd love to hear Premonition done in the same way as Reclamation was.

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    +1 PLEASE - Loved the audio version of Reclamation!

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    Sign me up for audio books! Would love to listen to premonition at work!

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    I abso-g-lutely want an audio book. With my schedule it's really slow going reading a book. The most time I get is during my commute, where I'm driving. An audio book version would be perfect for me.

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    +1 and a german translation would be highly appreciated

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    +1 Yes, please.

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    +1 Audiobook would be awesome for Premonition, yes please!

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    Please make the audiobook. This time with a female reader please.

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    Please make the audiobook. I'm extremely unlikely to read one of the books because I spend too much time with E : D already. At least with an audio book I can listen to the book while playing E : D and do both things in parallel.

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    +1 here too, as I've stated in a couple of other threads. Cheers!

    P.S. Love to read, BTW, but my stack of hardcopy books and magazines already waiting for me means I'll get to reading ED: Premonition maybe sometime in late 2018, whereas the 2+ hours I spend in a car everyday make an audiobook much more digestible.

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    I'd definitely buy an audiobook of Premonition. If it's of comparable quality to Reclamation's audiobook, it'd be money well spent.

    Frontier, please take my money. o7

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    I would love an audiobook version! I have a hard time reading due to dislexia, but really want to get my hands on this book!

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