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    Will the occasional premature trigger-pull on a pirate be still as much of a pain as it is now? I was winged up with a guy at the last CG and he wound up accidentally firing too soon on a really-blatant pirate, I finished the scan and blew the guy out of the sky, but by the end of the session he had something like a 24h wait. It was quicker for him to cash in his bounties and hop out in a suicidewinder for me to claim the 1k bounty he'd picked up for... pirates.
    (I had nothing as I was running a turretboat set to fire-at-will, so the only people I was firing on was people firing at me)

    Likewise, how will assault charges work for people with an active bounty that are winged up with people that aren't? They all show as red on the radar.

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    What do you plan to do with shipyard UI? With the possibility of having different stored ships wanted in different places, will there be a way to display the information without switching ships and checking transactions panel in each of them?

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    I find these proposed changes intriguing. It will be interesting to see how this all works out in practice. My biggest concern being accidental friendly fire while going about one's daily business. Right now it is a pretty rough response for just one plink on a npc's shield.

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    "How is the player meant to remove these fines and bounty without paying? in the current system they expire.

    They don't. The crimes must be paid for one way or another, or left hanging as a persistent threat/restriction"

    Forgive me for asking for a 'different' answer to the same question:

    As it stands, you intend to have no method to remove or avoid bounties and fines except through payment or punishment? Rephrased: there won't be any way for a 'master criminal' to clean up and start anew without first giving up most of (or possibly all of) their gains from a path of crime?

    This seems a bit counter-intuitive, so my second question in case your answer to the first is "Yup. Still the same."

    In this new system of Crime and Punishment, what are you viewing as incentives to undertake criminal actions?

    Many players get fines and bounties from accidents and mistakes, and a many more from just doing missions. As it stands, Criminal missions don't pay in any perceptible way higher than regular missions - so forcing commanders to make amends, some day, no matter what, immediately raises the question of "why be a criminal at all if, in the end, it doesn't pay?" Seems to relegate the role of criminal to basically an RP desire and little more.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    This is a question regarding unwanted CMDRs who fly with crimes turned off being attacked by unwanted CMDRs with crimes tirned on..
    Will there be a way to prevent clean CMDRs with crimes turned on from attacking clean CMDRs with crimes off and making the latter wanted when they choose to defend themselves?

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    If when arrested one will have to pay, will there be risks of going bankrupt with such system? And if yes, how will it be managed?

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    I like the idea of bounties being attached to ships. Allowing people to do some crime and then be able to sit back and relax doing something else for a while as oppose to say, having 2 accounts.

    So, if the bounty is attached to the ship, would you consider having the Ship Name unique and locked in after change at purchase or possibly having randomally generated unique Ship IDs that you could change once at a fixed price.

    This could allow players to recognize ships they have seen before and have a basis on which to search for on bulletin boards since commander names would not make as much sense with the idea of a hot ship

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    I like the sound of these. Especially the prison ships. I'm not much of a criminal though. I applaud the teams approach and look forward to testing all this in the beta.

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    PvPers defending their own home system against other PvPers invading would gain bounties in their home system for defending it?
    What do you mean by “invading”? If they are breaking the law, they will become criminals and can be attacked legally. If the system is an anarchy then no crimes are logged. If they are carry out acts of Powerplay then Power bounties will be issued.
    Maybe I can help:Two player minor factions are at war. One (A) decides to go on a 'murder spree' in the territory of the other (D). A sends their 'clean' players in, ordered to kill exactly 1 system authority ship belonging to D each and then jump out. D can twist their thumbs watching the A pilots coming in - unless they want to get wanted with the faction they're trying to defend.

    Imagine you introduce those CARRIERS for the player minor factions (and they can be damaged/are destructible). I'd send a few 'clean' Fer de Lance's ito your carrier, armed to the teeth with torpedos. They'd lock& launch, wait till impact & jump out. Unless they want to become wanted by their own faction, who owns the carrier (!), all the would-be defenders could do is... exactly, twist their thumbs and watch the fireworks

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    Sorry if I've missed this but I couldn't see the answer so here is my query which is in relation to Powerplay Bounties. Namely, will they be cash, merits, or a combination of both? Also, will there be any scaling in relation to the Powerplay Rating of the offending party? Finally, will these bounties be recorded some place, either locally at ports & stations and/or in a Power 'Most Wanted' list?

    Many thanks,

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    Can you confirm a timeline for these changes?

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    about the lifestream, Sandy sayd about PvP killing:
    " a portion of the rebuy of the victim could be added to the killer"

    Does this mean, beyond it being mean and cowardly to kill starting players in sidewinders, it will be also the cheapest way for random player killers? This sounds like a disincentive to look for an equal match in pvp!

    I really think this idea should be though over very carefully.

    About Power Bounties: I think this is a good idea, but I wonder, how punishment will be dealt. If I would be getting destroyed with a high powerplay bounty on my head during undermining, by NPC system security, NPC bountyhunter, NPC powerplay opponents, or PvP opposition, could this make me go bankrupt as easyly as I am thinking now?

    As it was until now, whilest undermining one could amass very high bounties, but as it is now, since they are going dormant, it's not such an issue. That of course might change with the new system and that's why I am worrying.

    for all who missed the stream, the powerplay part is at: 35m11s

    Considering ramming at stations: increase speadlimit to at least 200. With engineering in the game I think this would be reasonable to avoid accidental (or set-up) ram-kill by unintentional speeding.

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    Do you intend the changes to crime & punishment to stop gankers / murder hobos / griefers from doing their thing? I.e. is this intended to stop players who kill other players for no in game reason from being able to do so, or is it mainly aimed as a PvE crime & punishment rework?

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    I assume that if players want to engage with consensual PVP, then all they have to do is switch off the "Report Crimes Against Me"... then they can kill each other as much as they want, and not be affected by these new mechanics?

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    Hello Frontier, hello commanders,

    one thing I would like to pinpoint: comprehensibility. In the game, there MUST be an easy to understand way of explaining the situation to the player. The player must know exactly what happened (e.g. player spawned at the detention facility megaship. First thing he reads should explain why he is there, what crimes he commited and what to do to "clean" himself)

    It MUST BE EASY to understand the crime system for every player (new / old veteran / occasionalists) and it must be explained in the game in a natural way.

    Pitiful crimes (like bounties 1000 Cr). I am no criminal, but its quite hard to completely avoid getting wanted. Many times I ended up wanted unintentionally... Some missions lead you into such situations... As you say - bounties would never expire. How would a commander get rid of these "pitiful" bounties?

    Police forces should take into consideration the value of the bounty... I always very much disliked, that police is ready to kill you for 1000 Cr bounty :/ it always felt wrong to me - police in my country has a motto: SERVE AND PROTECT. Not kill on sight for pitiful theft.

    Thank you for this opportunity to express myself, you are amazing Frontier ;-)


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