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    Good stuff - like it!

    Wondering what will happen if I don't have enough money to pay the bounty after re-spawning at the prison ship - would I lose my ship or be able to pay it with assets?


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    Which crimes are you applying these rules to? PvP only or PvE and PvP?

    With updated rules for punishment will there also be an updated gameplay element for criminal play or should we just give up and go straight?

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    What happens when a Commander has a bounty and then parks their "hot" ship and flies away in another ship and is then destroyed?
    Do they still pay the same penalties as if they were flying their "hot" ship?


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    I like roleplaying a small time criminal. Smuggling, assassination, a bit of piracy. Is there going to be any fleshing out of the criminal career path, or is this just about punishment?

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    Are we ever going to be able to purchase illegal goods directly from a blackmarket?

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    How will interdictions relate to hot ships - if I interdict non criminal ships will this make my ship hot or will it be several interdictions before it adds up? This would help stop consistent harassing interdictions on non wanted commanders (Aside from in anarchies of course which are fair game for this kind of behaviour!)

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    Detail Request:

    will there be weapons/utilites that allow me to hold someone in place for at least 20 seconds, so a hatchbreaker limpet can do its work,
    without applying a kill-on-sight bounty on my head ship ?

    you know, we are talking about spooling out several tons of materials to make it a worthwhile attempt, and we don't want them beeing distributed across several kilometers.
    and OFC noone will stand still voluntary just to have his cargohatch beeing tinkered with.

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    So, aside from the megaship idea, is there still a plan to have wanted criminals spawn at the nearest penal settlement in nothing but a stock sidewinder-& be forced to get back to one of their regular ships? I remember that discussion during the beta, & is something I would still like to see.

    Another question-if a player limits their crimes to the factions affiliated to a single super power, will they still be welcome within the jursidictions of other super powers? After all "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".

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    One other question. Will you ever have multiple levels of Wanted within the game? Having Petty Crim, Minor Crim, Major Crim & Notorious Crim (for example) could be a way of letting players & NPC's determine which targets are highest priority, the extent to which NPC's will attack you (perhaps also dependent on security level) & the extent to which station services are denied (at the very least, though, being wanted by a specific faction should always lock off all missions from that faction). It would also allow what Limencello is asking for-allowing players to still be minor criminals without always being killed on sight.

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    How does the new crime system interact with minor faction missions that require you to carry out illegal activities in another system? Will it not be very hard to gain influence in a new system, when all of your supporter's ships are wanted there because of previous missions?

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    What about existing legacy fines/bounties?

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    If i have understood correctly Bounties and fines are still linked to a factional jurisdiction what happens in Independent systems?

    Presumably your actions in one independent systems are not accountable in another because by their very nature they're independent. So far the talk about restricted starport services etc. have only been referenced to major factions and we know that anarchy systems are exempt, some clarification around Independent systems roles would be appreciated.

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    If I commit a crime against a faction affiliated to a Super Power, will I also gain a Super Power wide bounty/fine as well? If so, what happens if I have a Federal Faction asking me to commit a criminal act against another Federal Faction?

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    Idea about transfers and tieing to station security:

    How about the commander moving from ship to ship in high, and medium security systems, the bounty follows you because the CCTV cameras on the stations see the commander and they know what ships they are on, but then low and anarchy ship transfers it is tied to ship. So people that want to commit crimes and then act like they had nothing to do with it means they need to take extra steps to hide their transfer activities and not in plain sight of security forces. Low and anarchy tend to have less station services as well, so players will have to make a choice. Lawful, more convientant , unlawful, deal with not having everything at their fingertips ( might want to increase smuggling payouts for some balance in these systems? )

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    Will the ATR scale in response or effectiveness with system security status?

    really high = overwhelming crime response
    through, med = some response,
    to low = none?

    And where does this leave pg and solo?

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