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    Will PvP become less accessible to newer players because of the fact that it very frequently involves becoming wanted? (I do not mean ganking extremely weak ships.)

    Edited for added clarity.

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    Please can you firm which of these C&P punishments is going to actually impact PVP players from ganking weaker ships and then jumping out via high wake. High wake which as you know, ignores everything.

    You mention BEEFY system defense, are these planned to be god mode "concord" style ships?

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    Originally Posted by Sandro Sammarco View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders!
    Now that ships will be 'wanted' or 'hot', how will this affect bounty boards? Will bounty boards show a CMDR name, or a ship name?
    Good question. Weíll need to address this. We donít have super solid plans at the moment.

    How this C&P changes will roll out for Powerplay? We have mechanic known as Undermining. Which is pretty much a crime..
    We will introduce power bounties, which will deal with all crimes between powers, allowing Powerplayers to collect bounties from their opponents without interference from local authorities.
    Say we're trying to undermine a federally controlled system in order to prevent Imperial expansion. If you're saying "jurisdiction" means "Federal," that's really ugly. It would mean you could end up wanted in your home system for UMing a power from the opposite faction, because the place they're taking over shares a common type. It would just drive people to base out of Anarchy systems to avoid being unable to outfit your own ship.
    Jurisdiction normally means ďfactionĒ, though with Interstellar bounties this could escalate to a superpower region such as the Federation. However, if youíre talking about undermining in Powerplay, this would be covered by its own set of Powerplay crimes that issued Power bounties, which we hope would address your concern (youíd be committing Powerplay crimes rather than standard ones).

    With the ships being HOT vs the CMDR - does this mean in a clean ship I don't have to deal with the magical spawning NPC bounty hunters that follow me across the universe for a 2k bounty?
    Correct. A clean ship means no one wants to kill it for bounties, right?

    Are bounties and fines still system-specific, or will some be universal?
    Bounties are jurisdiction-specific. The jurisdiction could be for a faction, a power or a superpower.

    is there anything over problematic like killing a CMDR wanted in another jurisdiction with a KWS be changed?
    Weíre looking at options here. The current favourite is to change the KWS so that it always awards the highest bounty from a ship kill, regardless of jurisdiction (this would not make attacking legal though).
    Hello Sandro,

    As an avid Powerplay player (and someone who keeps trying to recruit more people into it!) I've picked out the answers most important to me. I notice you're referring to Power bounties, which has raised a couple more questions.

    1) If I receive a bounty from Arissa Lavigny-Duval because I'm undermining her, does this apply in every Controlled and Exploited system of hers that is not Anarchy?
    Under the current crime and punishment system, I can currently just hop out of the Control system I'm attacking and restock somewhere that's not under the same Controlling Faction as the Control System, refilling ammo and repairing relatively conveniently. This will make Undermining a more difficult and dangerous prospect as I might be many, many lightyears from a safe port. (This is an interesting change, I'm not necessarily against it, just looking for clarification. Undermining ships will most likely have to be purpose-built now, and built for higher endurance. Also, the few 'gap' systems between other bubbles might become very interesting "safe havens" worth keeping an eye on as a defending power. Also, those ships are going to be perpetually 'hot'.)

    2) If the bounties being issued for Undermining are Power bounties only, this is a major disadvantage to powers defending, unless there's some other change I don't know about.
    A common offensive tactic (referred to as a 'snipe') revolves around strategically not redeeming your merit vouchers until the very end of the weekly cycle in order to make a surprise attack. The current best defense against this is to check Bounty Boards for total bounties issued, compare to bounties claimed, and make an educated guess based on the outstanding bounty as to how many (if any) merits might be outstanding against you. If the bounties earned for Undermining are now Power-wide, I can't see any way to defend against these Snipe attacks except constant fortification of all desirable systems. (If normal jurisdictional bounties are applied alongside the Power bounties, this becomes a non-issue.)

    3) As mentioned in 2 above, those Bounty Boards are important tools in defense. If the outstanding bounties disappear from Bounty Boards, this important tool is against rendered ineffective.
    The Top 5 Most Wanted is also important. However, with bounties now no longer expiring, this will be difficult to use. Say I'm wanted up in Dahambwe for past crimes against Edmund Mahon; will I now appear on the Top 5 in perpetuity?

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    Question: How does Archon Delaine's Rank 5 bonus (immunity to bounties and fines in Delaine controlled area) play into this?

    <content removed as per thread rules>

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    Can we PLEASE have a viable second option for the design path for this? I know FD has said they like the idea of crimes being tied to ships, but can we pleas have a summary from FD of what the system would be if we kept crimes tied to CMDRs?

    I really think there needs to be a viable second option for the community to comment on.

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    In terms of racking up bounties, are the rules for anarchy systems going to be similar to how they currently work, or are you going to get a bounty regardless of current system state?

    I would find it rather frustrating to travel to an anarchy/outbreak system to get chemical processors, only to have the ship I use to farm said materials be rendered effectively worthless, as it requires killing cargo vessels at convoy beacons.

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    "PvPers defending their own home system against other PvPers invading would gain bounties in their home system for defending it?
    What do you mean by “invading”? If they are breaking the law, they will become criminals and can be attacked legally. If the system is an anarchy then no crimes are logged. If they are carry out acts of Powerplay then Power bounties will be issued."

    What about this is confusing? If a hostile PvP group invades and flies with crimes on, you're telling us we have to wait for them to shoot first or take out one of our non-PvP pilots before engaging? Don't know if you've played the game recently, but you get a bounty for interdicting clean CMDRs, so by that fact alone, the defenders will have to wait for the attackers to stir the pot before being able to repel them. Or how about a situation where one "hot" ship is doing the pulling and killing, but his 3 wingmates are staying clean so that they can incur in-system bounties on anyone trying to take out their buddy. That is nonsensical. There needs to be a way that we can align with the local system faction we are propping up so that we don't incur fines or bounties while protecting it from unwanted intrusion.

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    Loved the responses! Quick clarification:

    Does this mean we can effectively play a multi-role Cmdr depending on which ship we are in, ie Hot ship - criminal, Clean ship - explorer etc, and jump between the two?

    - this question is not about multi-CREW but multi-ROLE: meaning, today iím an explorer, tomorrow iím an outlaw (depending on which ship iím flying). Which sounds like lots of fun!

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    Power Play bounties system/Bounties applied to ships:

    Will the 'Top 5 Bounties' lists at stations operate in a different way or become unusable as a way of detecting cmdrs/possible undermining amounts if Power Play bounties operate separately from system faction bounties. Will they be collecting information from both sets of crimes?

    In fact, I wonder if the Crime and Bounty Hunting reports will be working in the same fashion as they do now (not much loss there as I don't think cmdrs are quite sure what those record anyway).

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    What will happen if after becoming hot, our wing is doing an arranged 4v4 in asteroids fields against another wing of hot ships and i am getting destroyed ?

    Do we have to do it in anarchy in order to avoid being send in prison or not being KWS is enough ?

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    Will we be able to transfer "hot" ships and modules; and retain full access to starports services, in Anarchy jurisdictions; perhaps transferring modules and ships that are "hot" being marked up in price?

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    Hi Sandro,

    First of all, apologies if this isn't the right place to ask. It seems the most relevant of the stickies.

    So... I must admit to being a bit thrown by what was said about system security on the livestream.

    I'm struggling to see much other than pros in both short, medium, and long term from making the system security levels have genuine, impactful meaning.

    Would you be able to go in to a bit of detail about what the cons would be, and what reasons you think players might have for not liking it?

    Much appreciated in advance!

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    Hey Sandro,

    So far I really like the sound of this C&P overhaul. One of my gripes with the current C&P is that minor faction bounties are severly lacking in reach due to the fact it's so easy to just jump to another system. As I understand it, with the fact bounties no longer expire and can actually escalate into a superpower bounty, this has the potential to change for the better at last. But I was wondering what do you feel the level of dedication to crime, what the severity of our actions would have to be to become wanted troughout an entire super power? Of course I'm not asking you to quote figures yet, but roughly how long should one keep murdering federation citizens before aggroing the federation? What about smuggling ? Will it be based purely on how high a bounty you have ?

    As a side note, how are fines handled in the new system? Are they assigned to a ship as well and do they still escalate into a bounty after a week?

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    Hi Sandro.

    Obsidian Ant made a great suggestion re: removing bounties-namely having to "work them off" in order to get them to expire (aside from dying whilst wanted, obviously). Would you be willing to consider a system where players would have to do a certain number of charity missions-for the faction(s) they transgressed upon-in order to reduce how long the bounty lasts?

    Another question I would ask is-do you still plan to have unpaid fines convert to bounties after a certain period of time? I hope the answer is "yes".

    Lastly, I would love it if the gaining of a Super Power wide bounty was based on whether the faction you wronged was affiliated with that Super Power. Is this something you might consider implementing?

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    I have been reading and playing this game for a while now. I see lots of forms of competition. Things like powerplay, the BGS, PVE mixed with PVP. However none of it works because of various reasons.

    So my question is, can you explain the end goals here? Because everything that was implemented has dead ended.

    Powerplay is used for module hopping. People PVE for objectives against others. And even though PVP is part of the game and you recognize it. It looks as of right now It is shunned by not only the community, but the developers as well.

    This game is headed in lots of directions but it just seems to be going in circles with no end result.

    What is the end result you are looking for? Please no vague answers.

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