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    Galnet submission

    Hello I would like to submit an article. It would be kind to you to put it as soon as possible, it's in relation with the operation Andronicus.
    I hope you 'll like it

    Title peration Andronicus is not unanimous.

    Since the appearance of the Thargoids in the Pleiades, Aegis has continued to encourage their destruction by portraying them as the greatest existing threat. Yet Admiral Tanner failed to mention that two groups of thargoids were present in our space: The Oresrians and the Klaxians. For many commanders, this oversight is part of a large-scale manipulation whose purpose is still unknown to this day. It would seem, then, that many others are attacking the thargoids without knowing that they are decimating the most diplomatic faction. Aware of all this, a large number of commanders have banded together to form the Thargoid Defense Force and are plying the Pleiades to chase the xenomorph hunters, thus attempting to thwart aegis plans. The Andronicus community operation becomes the theater of clashes between human beings who do not share the same opinion about the Thargoids. Some are wisely listening to Aegis' directives, others fighting for a more diplomatic and comprehensive approach to this alien species.
    One of the spokesmen, Cmdr Manuone Kenobi, said: "We will only stop fighting when pilots stop shooting without thinking about the consequences"

    Thank you for reading me. Hope this will be submitted
    Cmdr Manuone Kenobi

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