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    Originally Posted by Steve Zodiac View Post (Source)
    Alrighty then. I don't want to fight with you. But you've got the wrong end of the stick. I am saying that "the people saying it will never happen etc. " have no basis to make this claim. It's uninformed speculation. Just like the opinions of most people on this thread. Including me. And including you. Hence the statement "it's still just idle speculation on the part of a bunch of people who aren't working on the game. Like you!"

    I can appreciate how you could have interpreted it the way you did given the way I worded the statement, so perhaps it was a failure of language on my part. I apologise if this was the case - it was not my intention to derail anything.

    We can pick apart each other's statements, but I think we're both basically in agreement. We both want ED to come to VR, and there are a number of steps which need to happen that are unknown to us. Lets just cross our collective fingers and hope Frontier can give us some good news sooner rather than later.
    Then again, that's why some are waiting for the second coming of christ while others are still waiting for the first. Though one should never say never, the word is often taken out of context.

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    I specifically bought the psvr because they had said it was going to get psvr support. I could have sworn I read something about the devs saying they aren’t going to add psvr.

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    Originally Posted by Jumpjack75 View Post (Source)
    Just thought I'd leave this here:

    Nice Link!

    Let me quote a intressting Statement from this article which basically confirms a lot of the things I tried enlighten the forum with on the "Not Enough OMPH" argument all over the palce:

    "PSVR is extremely close to being on par with Vive and the Rift w/ a gtx970 based on the tests I’ve done. The team from Epic (Nick & Tom) have also stated the same in at least one of their VR Twitch streams. If your app runs at 90Hz on a PC with a gtx970 then you should be very close to 60 on the ps4. And with the 120Hz reprojection applied it’s glassy smooth.
    Yes, I do! In brief, the PSVR only requires about 1/4th of the render target size that the Vive requires. This has a lot to do with the display they are using that can run a 60Hz game at 120Hz (in addition to the 90Hz mode). So comparing the PSVR at 60Hz>120Hz to the Vive at 90Hz:

    Vive = 457 million pixels/sec (1512x1680x2x90)
    PSVR = ~100 million (1920x1080x60 – ~20%*)
    *The ~20% is accounting for some additional (classified) techniques that further reduce the render target size.
    There are other things to consider as well, if you want to go further. For example, the PS4 has hardly any driver overhead compared to Windows so it’s a fully dedicated gaming system that can focus purely on performance. For example, the draw calls on the PS4 are faster than with dx11 which is something that a lot of people don’t realize.
    They have also started beefing up their small conversion box unit with processing power to help do some heavy lifting.

    Reduced Pixel Bandwith is helping a lot on the PSVR but still, as with Rift, Vive and all the others. There is no way in comparing Apples with Pears and no way of comparing 3D VR with a 4K High End LCD Screen...

    The latest improvments with the cobra engine on PS4 with 3.0 show they are working on optimizing it. Especially the portion of the text I re-formatted bold points to the actual problem. Since the Cobra Engine was originally created to use 3D Driver Technologies not exisiting on the PS4 the quoted Advantages are not put to good use right now and even make it worse. (Very Likely they still use a lot of "wrappers" to link the PC API´s to PS4 API´s and these do waste aadtitional CPU Power.. ) And I still believe they eventually will have it optimized eough to care for VR. As long as it does not run smooth in 2D moving to 3D will only create more mess... Lets be patient :-)

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