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Thread: BRC/TWH present: Hermaszewski Celebration Race

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    BRC/TWH present: Hermaszewski Celebration Race

    Hello Commanders! Our Polish faction The Winged Hussars is celebrating its 2nd birthday on 10th November 3303. To mark the occasion the Winged Hussars have teamed up with Buckyball Racing Club to organise a special event for all the community to participate in.



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    Mirosław Hermaszewski is a brigadier general of the Polish Army and the first and only Polish astronaut in the history of the space flight.

    In the summer of 1976, during the meeting of the representatives of the international Interkosmos Program, which was established by the USSR, it was announced that between 1978 and 1985 there would be space flights with the representatives of the Socialist Bloc countries. However, the order in which individual countries would participate in the project was not established. Natural candidates were Czechoslovakia and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) as the most technologically advanced countries and having the most significant contribution to the work of Interkosmos. Erich Honecker, the leader of the German Democratic Republic, pressed for his country to be given priority, for at that time the West German physicist Ulf Merbold was assigned to the first non-American astronaut and Honecker was determined for East German citizen to be the first in orbit.

    However, after the intervention of representatives of the People's Republic of Poland, which used economic and historical arguments representing Poland as the main trading partner and ally in the fight against the Third Reich, Moscow finally decided that representatives of Czechoslovakia and Poland would be the first in space. The decision was of a political nature - in both countries the social situation was unfavorable to the authorities (the dissenting movement of Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia and protests due to the announced price increases in Poland) and an event that would divert the attention of the public.

    In the same year, Hermaszewski was selected by a selection of several hundred Polish pilots as a candidate for a space flight. Finally elected, on the 4th December 1976 he flies to Star City near Moscow, where he prepares for a space flight. From 27 June to 5 July 1978 he took a flight on Soyuz 30. On the 28th June 1978 a mooring with the orbital team "Salut 6" - Soyuz 29 was conducted. After the research program, landings took place on 5 July in the steppes of Kazakhstan. During the 8-day mission, there were 126 laps of Earth and several Polish records approved by the FAI were established; Height - 363 km, speed of flight - 28000 km/h, flight time - 190h 3m 4s, distance traveled - 5,273,257 km amongts others.

    Mirosław Hermaszewski was awarded the Golden Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union (No. 11 301), the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Cross of the Grunwald Class. In 1986 he became a Knight of the Order of Smile.

    Source: Wikipedia


    The race will take place between 10-19 November 3303. It's a Time Trial race, so participants must go around the established route (see below) docking at each station. On each station you need to take a screenshot so that the name of the station, the time and the fact that the ship is docked can be clearly seen (see example on the How to Enter page of the Buckyball Racing Club website).

    The course starts and finishes at Hermaszewski Station in Arthaiyati. After departing from Arthaiyati, racers must call at the following stations, in order, before returning to finish back at Hermaszewski Station in Arthaiyati:
    • Ugraswar - Hermaszewski Ring
    • LP 102-320 - Hermaszewski Resort
    • Hamal - Hermaszewski Dock
    • Buzhang Ku - Hermaszewski Hub
    • Barathaona - Hermaszewski Gateway
    • Serre - Hermaszewski Orbital

    You should submit a total of 8 screenshots (2 of them from Hermaszewski Station - to start and finish the race). Instead of screenshots, you can also submit a video of your run. The player with the shortest flight time wins the race.

    The race takes place in two categories: Adder Class and Free For All. For Adder Class the following build must be used (the screenshot of it must also be included in the set of screens from the station - or it must be shown in the video). In the FFA second class you can fly any vessel of your choice, with or without engineering. You can take any number of flights on the route within the specified time frame.


    In this class we fly the Adder ship with this specific build. Please note the additional fuel tank, otherwise you will run out of fuel!

    WARNING! The above build is mandatory for Adder Class and a screenshot of it must be attached when submitting a participation request (along with 8 screenshots from stations as mentioned above). The screenshot of a Modules tab from the right panel is sufficient:

    Utility Slots: none
    Core Internal:
    • Lightweight Alloy
    • 3D Power Plant
    • 3D Thrusters
    • 3A Frame Shift Drive
    • 1D Life Support
    • 2D Power Distributor
    • 3D Sensors
    • 3C Fuel Tank

    Optional Internal:
    • 3D Shield Generator
    • 2C Fuel Tank

    Ship cost: 630 000 Cr

    The ship and all the required modules can be purchased at the first station of the route, where the race starts and ends.

    In Adder class, modules must not be engineered; FSD injection is not allowed; and the use of FSD supercharging from neutron stars or white dwarfs is not allowed.


    In this class any ship of your choice can be used, regardless whether it's engineered or not.

    FSD injection is not allowed; the use of FSD supercharging from neutron stars or white dwarfs is allowed, but you may not start the race with the FSD supercharged (from double charging).


    Entries should be submitted by filling out this entry form. Please upload your evidence to a separate site (such as imgur for images, or YouTube for video), and provide a link to it in the entry form. Entries will be accepted for attempts starting between 00:00:00 GMT on 10 November 3303 and 23:59:59 GMT on 19 November 3303.

    (Note for regulars: This race was put together by Cmdr Mathias Shallowgrave (rootsrat) of the Winged Hussars, I am just posting the thread and collating results at his request because he has several other things going on this weekend as well)


    The winner of each category will receive a special prize - a set of 5 cork coasters with Elite-themed engravings on them!


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    It's a pleasure to be teaming up with Buckyballers for this event! It's a very special week for all of the Hussars in HR 8444 system. I hope to see lots of entries - I certainly will be participating myself! We have some internal events going on all weekend and I'm personally going through some job interviews this week, but come Tuesday I'll be zipping along the Hermaszewki's back and forth!

    See you at the race track, Commanders! o7

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    Intent to race - at least once.
    Ship is probably going to be my Dolphin, the good ship Lollipop, under CMDR Azzie Elbub.

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    A circuit scramble! Yummy!
    Intent to pay my respect to Hermaszewski multiple times, ships TBD but I expect the Happy-Go-Bucky to be race-ready in a couple days top.

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    Woop woop! A new Buckyball Race!

    I'll feature this on the best of forum thread later today.

    I'll also update my signature once I've finished fundraising.

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    First time ED racer hoping to give it a go.

    Please be gentle with me.

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    I've really been struggling to get some game time recently, but intent to race:

    CMDR Raiko
    Regulation Adder:
    Ship name: Baldrick

    Free for all:

    Ship name: The Nomad (Asp Explorer)

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    Originally Posted by MrLeighV View Post (Source)
    First time ED racer hoping to give it a go.

    Please be gentle with me.

    I'm in, but when and with what is TBD.

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    Our first entry sees the first of our Polish colleagues having a go at the course in the Adder. We welcome Cmdr BialoBrody, who has bulldozed his way to first position in the Adder Spychacz (obviously helped by being first out on track!). Reporting problems with pirate interdictions, and one case of missing the mailslot, BialoBrody has set a time to beat of just over 56 minutes.

    (Note that an entry has also been received from Cmdr Maciej1982, not yet on the board due to needing to sort out access to the evidence)

    As an aside: This week, I shall be making many visits to Google Translate. And then having fun trying to work out how the answers relate to what's actually happening in game

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    Looks nice. I will participate and as a new racer i hope this goes well!

    Question: Fsd synthesis is allowed??

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    After settling in a new location (in RL) and learned to fly with the Warthog.
    Ready to claim my normal place in the board... >=2
    Intent to race:

    CMDR Inodoro Pereyra
    Regulation Adder:
    Ship name: Mendieta

    Free for all:
    Ship name: Eulogia (Asp Explorer)

    Just sent the first AspE run.

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    In the Adder class, Cmdr Maciej1982 not only was quick to sort out the evidence from his first run, he has then managed to make another attempt and improve his time. There is certainly still room for further improvement, as the discovery scanner is not actually in the specified build (though I've allowed it as it is a handicap rather than a benefit!), and putting more pips to engines might help with the docking and undocking. All this leaves Maciej1982's Adder Kiedys Nazwe slotting into second place with a time of one hour, thirteen and a half minutes.

    In the meantime, Buckyball veteran Cmdr Inodoro Pereyra has opened proceedings in the Free For All class. Delayed slightly by needing to evade one interdiction attempt, Cmdr Pereyra's Asp Explorer Eulogia has set the pace time for this class of just under 37 minutes.

    To the new racers (MrLeighV, Maro-Val, and any others): Welcome, good luck and fly fast! If you haven't already, you may wish to check out the How to Enter page (as well as some of the videos) on the Buckyball Racing Club website for a number of tips.

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    Originally Posted by Maro-Val View Post (Source)
    Question: Fsd synthesis is allowed??
    On further consideration: No

    Rules for FFA have been updated accordingly.

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    Originally Posted by drakhyr View Post (Source)
    On further consideration: No

    Rules for FFA have been updated accordingly.
    I just lost an entire day of engineering and preperation. Thanks a lot.

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    Engineering is OK (for FFA) - ban is for the synthesis. This is only not to make people spend time hunting for materials, and rather allow then to use that time for the actual race.

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