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Thread: Triple Elite in a Sidewinder

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    Welcome to earth Jesus.

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    Dutifully repped Cmdr

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    Very nice work there, the trade rank must have been a killer.

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    Congratulations ! Commander

    Awesome. +1

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    I'm waiting for Space Legs to go live so I can make Triple Elite in a spacesuit.

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    How did you make trade elite? It took me and some friends a year in an Anaconda.

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    Originally Posted by john willi View Post (Source)
    How did you make trade elite? It took me and some friends a year in an Anaconda.
    I'm guessing missions?

    400hrs in I am still what feels like decades away from combat and exploration elite (centuries away from that Corvette!) but I am trade elite. Almost entirely running high value transport missions. Didn't take me very long at all.

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    Now do Triple Elite in the SRV ...

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    Originally Posted by d8veh View Post (Source)
    Just a small time in open mode, mainly when there was a low risk of getting griefed.

    Here's a brief summary of how I did it.

    I started in the high RES to get money to equip my ship, then I went scanning water worlds, which gets high value data. The data, not only gets the explore rank, but also gets you various permits and access to engineers. Thanks to CMDR Beckey for the hints. Next, I went back to the high RES to get the combat rank. It was very boring and frustrating at first because the SW is slow, so I went away and spent some time sorting out engineers. The SW's cargo capacity is very small, which means lots of trips. The 500T of mining for Selene was surprisingly easy, as the money wasn't important, so I just discarded anything that I mined to save having to keep running back to the station. It was quite good fun scooping all the fragments without collector limpets. The SW is very good at that. Sothis/Ceos got me a lot of engineers materials and so did Dav's Hope.

    With a jump range of 30LY, enhanced thrusters with a boost speed of 500 to 600 m/s and a charge enhanced PD, things became a lot better. Hardly any interdictors could get close enough to land a shot, and when I messed up in the RES, I could easily get away before the feds blew me up. I had to kill very close to 8000 ships to get the Elite badge. I had a lot of help from the feds. One thing I figured out was that the fighters carried by Gunships and Anacondas prey on Sidewinders. They hang around behind you even though the feds are destroying the mothership, and the moment you join in, they get you from behind. I got blown up once before I learnt that lesson. In retrospect, I should have done the combat last because it affects what ships come after you thereafter.

    The trade rank was fairly straight forward. I started doing illegal passenger missions, which were quite good fun. The speed I had made it fairly simple though. I didn't get scanned once even though I didn't use any silent running or heatsinks. I calculated that at that earnings rate I'd get my elite rank by Xmas, then I thought I'd see whether alien stuff could get me there sooner. Professor Palin was very generous with his mission rewards, so I got there sooner than expected. Personally, I think it would be better if the trade rank profit requirement was substantially reduced and the mission rewards shouldn't count towards it because it's not really trading. I feel a bit sorry for all the guys with two or three computers, who devote hours of research to find the best trade deals. They become true expert traders, but it would take them a year or more to get the badge.

    I started in June, so I must have played about 25 hours a week. Once I had started, it was like a nasty itch, and I spent time trying to progress when I should have been doing other things, particularly when I found that things were going well. I was always worried that something would change to slow it back down.

    That's it, really. Thanks to those guys that made suggestions to get the trade and explorer ranks. I probably wouldn't have done it without your help.
    Awesome stuff well done

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    Originally Posted by Tom Jacobs View Post (Source)
    Now do Triple Elite in the SRV ...
    I look forward to seeing your results

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    Well that deserves more than a nod!

    My bra off to you Sir!

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    Amazing feat Cmdr o7

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    Originally Posted by Susanna View Post (Source)
    My bra off to you Sir!

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    Originally Posted by Susanna View Post (Source)
    Well that deserves more than a nod!

    My bra off to you Sir!
    That sort of makes all the effort worthwhile. If only I could have seen it!

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    Wow this is really inspirational! I'd love to achieve this but I know it will take a lot of time and dedication. I've just deleted my old save in an AspX after falling out of love with the game and coming back to it after a good 12 months or so. I'm starting again with just a sidewinder and wonder if I can achieve the triple elite myself. My least favourite part of the game though is combat as I'm so terrible at it, so that's something I will have to work on quite significantly. I'm also just using an Xbox One controller (on PC btw) and possibly Voice Attack.

    So far I've just been grinding boom data delivery missions in an effort to avoid combat and have managed around 500k in payments so far today. I know I have a long way to go but I think I really need to embrace the grind and I'm trying to approach it in much the same way as when I play ETS2 or ATS as I really enjoy both of those games and to some extent they contain a lot of exploration and grind (especially with the various map mods).

    I hope I'll be able to report back here someday with an amazing screenshot of my own.

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