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Thread: Listening post at Celaeno 1

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    Originally Posted by Factabulous View Post (Source)
    NHSS 6 Electra

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    As found by
    CMDR Ralindron

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    If only we had a new SLF today

    Edit: But not very attacky at the mo'

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    So what happened? It attacked immediately?

    Edit: Ninja'd.
    Somebody call the SDC.

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    fyi: Started a new thread for the NHSS, so it's more obvious to the forum

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    <deleted as thread has moved>

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    Huh. Was in Celaeno last night. Saw the LP. Thought "Oh. One of those." Carried on missioning.

    Only 30-something landables in HIP 17862 >.<


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    Back on topic

    Missing Hogan Class found at Electra 6. Doesn't match the name given in the message (and it's in the wrong system), but if it was supposed to lead us to the NHSS6 then it could be the one.

    It's a bit - infested

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    I wonder where those are, who say that these attacks are not executed by Thargoids, and that they are merely passing by and helping the survivors.

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    I was totally one of those people early on, but I've changed my mind over the last few weeks

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    So its just in aegis system... seems their are just looking for them... aegis is strange, i dont trust them, they dont tell us the truth...

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