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Thread: HELLO ALL!!! Fichines Reportandose...!!!!

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    HELLO ALL!!! Fichines Reportandose...!!!!

    Hola a todos... Fichines reportandose... Bueno nada, pasaba a saludar, ya que siempre leo el foro y nunca posteo nada.

    Un saludo.

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    Welcome to the great family of the Elite on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe

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    Welcome Cmdr. Stay frosty out there......


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    Welcome Commander!

    Proud to have you onboard and thank you for contributing to Elite. Fly safe, drive sound and good luck with your galactic pastimes. The in-game training scenarios will get you up-to-speed and the Galactic AcademyMentors will set you up for initial play-through and beyond. The following thread and will help you find collaborative game-play and some. The single best recommendation is to seriously take your time and experiment before you commit or switch between game-mode and play style. Don’t be afraid of a do-over or two and if needs be ‘clear your save’ can be found in-game under options menu. Swiftpoint Z - Gaming Mouse Evolution - Video, The most awesome game-pad software ever: Padstarr, Grifta Morphing Gamepad, TobiiEyeX Controller, ECHOTalkative AI, Gaming Music Packs, VoiceAttack with HCSVoicepacks are highly commended for expansively improving game-play and more. Have fun acclimating, play-testing and configuring your control schemes to benefit you specifically long-term while you carry on with all-out stargazing. Uncle Art Music, ED Shipyard, ED-Blog, Lave Radio, Fireytoad, Kerrash Landing, MahdDogg, ChaosWulff, Drew Wagar's Blog, Alec-s-best-of-the-forum and the additional links below are truly recommended. Take care and Elite!

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    Welcome to the forum

    Have fun and see you in space.