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Thread: Is owning more then one ship bad for the (your?) game?

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    Originally Posted by Arry View Post (Source)
    1 man, 1 ship, is a valid form of play here, not for me though.
    I look at the starport like a golf bag.

    I think I'll take the Cobra Smuggler today. Wait, no, the Python. Oh, there are some decent paying passenger missions. That settles it, the Orca.

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    Originally Posted by Heavenly-Hammer View Post (Source)
    I don't really understand this concern. I can't comprehend it.

    Owning all of my ships (sig) affords me the opportunity to have a fresh experience in a ship that I don't regularly use, when I want to have that experience. It offers changes of pace that keep us from further losing interest in logging in. If I was stuck in one ship all the time, I probably would be playing even less than I am now.

    To me this is like asking if having more than one outfit in my closet is bad for my enjoyment of my clothes.
    Well said. o7.

    Originally Posted by Spacecat View Post (Source)
    No, I like being able to tailor different ships and builds to certain activities. Really, some ships are almost entirely useless for certain things, so you'd get railroaded by your ship choice.

    Originally Posted by IndigoWyrd View Post (Source)
    But that aside, no, having multiple ships is a great thing, because there is no one single be-all-do-all-end-all ship in the game. Ships are like tools. One does not simply have one wrench or one socket, or one screwdriver. Different tools for different jobs.

    Owning more than one ship is not bad for my game.

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