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Thread: Discovery Scanner 2 - Bringing a Thargon Swarm to Life with Mark Allen

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    Best moment to come

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    Looking forward to it. Previous one was verry interesting!

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    I loved DS 1, cannot wait to watch DS 2, thanks FD

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    I enjoy this new Discovery Scanner series... well... only one EP so far, but it was great. I'll show up and watch this one live.


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    Woo hoo! Really looking forward to this (although I've been away*1 so first I need to catch up on Sandro's C&P Q&A thread plus a Lave Radio and a couple of Obsidian Ant's that I've missed (because I HAVE to watch everything in chronological order otherwise the world will come to an end).

    *1 look what I made!

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    Fwappity Fwappity!

    and other such ululations of excitement!

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    Awesome stream guys - much appreciated!

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    Great Stream.
    Really cool how they work.
    I'm a bit sad that I don't get to see it too well in game as I'm running for my life

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    That was something out of this world. Impressed. I know game development usually attracts creative crowd, but this

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    Cheers for that Mark and Ed, mathematics is definitely my bag baby and some of that was simply beautiful both in input and end results........#nice

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    Fan flipping tastic.

    That swarm is so hypnotising.

    And its so clever how its created.

    Bravo sir! Bravo!!!

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    Another great episode. I have never seen the swarm move this way, as I'm too busy running away.

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    just coming from dentist... 2 teeth less... smiling hurts...
    but this stuff made me smile nonetheless!

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    Very good stuff, cheers to Mark and Ed!

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