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Thread: Frontier's 24 Hour Charity Livestream 2017

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    Well done to all!
    Eds dad was awesome as usual!

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Great Stream

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    Well done to Ed, Bo, Zac and everyone else at Frontier for the 24 hour livestream. It was a very entertaining and fun stream and a lot of effort was put into it. Great stream!

    Well done also to the awesome community which were very generous and managed to raise a huge amount.

    Thank you to the other streamers that were involved during the charity event.

    Thanks to everyone!

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    Congrats Ed, Bo, all at Frontier & the community. Great result for a great charity

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    Good stream as always

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    I feel worn out and didn't even watch the whole thing!

    Really enjoyed the Lake Band this morning. ED RPG, Anneke and the sound effects piece were also highlights for me. A fairly stupendous amount of money raised by the community too .. what a great cause though.

    o7 Commanders and .. Coasterheads.

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    Good work all - EDRPG with Sandy in fight mode, Ed the negotiator and Bo the ninja was excellent, and Sandro's Truth or Donate was also a highlight! Might have to buy PC though...

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    Oops, we did it again...

    Congrats everyone! Wish I could spend more time on stream... Unfortunately work and other RL stuff came in the way. Nevertheless, great result!

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    This just in from the Bo webcam!

    Seriously tho ... good job guys!

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    Outstanding stream Frontier, Great company and great community

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    Absolutely Amazing Work by the Powers that be, Absolutely Amazing Charity and Absolutely Amazing Community. Live long and Frontier!

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    Due to commitments only caught the beginning and end of the event, a massive thumbs up and thank you to all involved, great, great work for a great, great cause.

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    Thank you so so so so so so so much for being there for the stream, for donating, for taking part in chat, for pushing out the links and helping us push yet another awesome achievement in support of our excellent friends at SpecialEffect. I always look forward to the charity streams because it's a great chance for us to take stock of the past year, look forward to the next one, and share in the spirit of community that we have within Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster. It's always heartwarming. Sadly this year Baz wasn't able to be at the office with us, but he called through over Skype to still be part of the streams with us and I know he was in the chat for ages! We always look forward to seeing the SpecialEffect team, especially Baz because he's genuinely become a friend over the years of working with him.

    My words are inadequate to convey the gratitude we all feel toward SpecialEffect for providing the joy of gaming (something that's obviously close to our hearts) to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to, and to the community for being so mind-blowingly generous and supportive. I always think "We won't break this amount next year" every time, but you humble me and make me eat my words (and make Zac eat gross bugs) every year.

    So... thank you. For being the best community I've ever had the pleasure of working in. For being genuinely beautiful human beings. For being part of the difference in the lives that SpecialEffect work tirelessly to enrich. For another year of fun.

    From all of us here at Frontier

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    For being genuinely beautiful human beings.

    Not so sure what you're talking about here Dale.

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    Might I suggest making an ED RPG stream a regular feature, maybe once a month or every six weeks? It was highly entertaining to watch.

    Congratulations on the funds raised.

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