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    Newsletter #202

    Get ready for another Discovery Scanner and our Black Friday sale!

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    Welcome to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter, the place to find all the latest from the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

    Commanders get a shot at earning new anti-Thargoid technology this week in the latest Community Goals. Plus we have our second Discovery Scanner livestream, which is all about Thargons.

    Today is also Black Friday! We've got a variety of game extras on sale and until Tuesday we are bringing back the Midnight paint jobs.

    As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback.

    On the Horizon
    All the latest for Elite Dangerous: Horizons


    This week Aegis have announced a military strike on Electra, targeting the cluster of Thargoids occupying the system. This will be the second strike after the success of Operation Andronicus.

    Commanders who deliver Thargoid materials and Combat Bonds will earn rewards for taking part in the campaign. If the organisation's goals are met, commanders will unlock brand new technology to fight the Thargoid threat.

    The campaigns begin on the 11th of November and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately. See the full details here

    Livestream Lowdown
    Catch up with videos from the community team



    This week's Discovery Scanner is focused on how we bring Thargon Swarms to life. Lead Programmer Mark Allen explains the technology behind their creation and fascinating behaviour patterns.

    Catch the recording on YouTube here.

    Store Spotlight
    The latest goods and the best deals from the Frontier Store

    Military Stripe Packs


    Our popular Midnight paint jobs return for a limited time this week as a part of our Black Friday promotion. You have until Tuesday to pick them up!

    You can also get an assortment of ship cosmetics at 20% off.

    You can get all of these on the Frontier Store if you're playing on PC, and the console store for PS4 and Xbox One commanders.


    Community Central
    The best from the community, all in one place



    Sagittarius Eye publish a monthly digital magazine featuring amazing art and writing content from across the galaxy. November’s issue has just been released and you can read it here.

    You can also follow them on Twitter @SAGi_Magazine to know when the latest issue is out.

    Galnet Focus
    All the news from across the Galaxy


    Aegis has announced a second military strike on a Thargoid-occupied system, following the success of Operation Andronicus. The operation will focus on Electra, where high concentrations of Thargoid vessels have been reported. The aims are to reduce the number of Thargoid vessels in Electra, and to gather Thargoid material for the testing of Aegis’s anti-Thargoid technologies.



    Independent Leesti for Equality has announced that its appeal for rare food and drink has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to George Lucas Station, the organisation’s base of operations.


    A spokesperson for the Guardians of Tranquillity has announced that its appeal for rare food and drink has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to Tranquillity, the organisation’s base of operations.

    Community Goals
    The latest missions for you to take on


    Cavaleiri, Electra


    Earn rewards by handing in Pilots Federation Combat Bonds at Cavaleiri in the Electra system.


    Cavaleiri, Electra

    Earn rewards by delivering Thargoid Hearts, Thargoid Cyclops Tissue Samples and Thargoid Basilisk Tissue Samples to Cavaleiri in the Electra system.

    Comms Chatter
    A round up of this week's community content



    Khled on Twitter (@Kldpxl) is a talented pixel artist who has crafted a dazzling Elite Dangerous piece.


    If you have any Elite Dangerous artwork you want to show, tag it with #EliteArt for us to see!


    Commander tymbark over on the Frontier forums has been making some retro Elite Dangerous art with user captured screenshots. Check them out here and here.

    See you in the black, Commanders

    The Frontier Developments Team

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    Thanks for the newsletter

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    Thanks Ian. Always a pleasure to receive the newsletter

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    Thanks for this newsletter!

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    With regard to the Aegis initiative: First, I was hoping that there was more to Thargoids than them being merely available for pewpewpew purposes (unless FD have encoded other possibilities into the scripts I've yet to see), though it's nice you can participate using non-invasive measures by collecting tissue samples. Second, is this new technology available only to those who participate in the CGs in open or solo, or will this technology eventually be available to all regardless? Hopefully the latter.