The following is an idea i had for a new pirate power player.. Or what ever you wish it to be. one of many i hope. I intend on posting more ideas as i come up with them.

Feel free to butcher the ideas i have as much as you want. I just like writing about the ideas i have for this game i love so much.

Volkis Reznov

Head of the Reaper's pirate council

None have the authority Volkis has through fear amongst the other council members, Volkis was once a decorated and respected federation soldier whom fought in many of the major conflicts, In recent history. Untill his wing of federation soldiers were sent out to combat the Xeno threat, brutally defeated. and scared for life to remind him of that defeat.. He grew paranoid of any and everyone, in later years he would submit anyone we suspected of treachery to brutal interrogation that would almost always end in the subjects untimely death. After his defeat in the battle with the Xeno threat he began thinking the federation sent him and his wing of 50 ships with roughly 1000 men to their deaths.. He thought that they saw his influence as a threat... His men were more loyal to him then they were to the federation.. After they were almost all slaughtered he took what little men he had left.. Just 5 ships in total, 70 souls on board. and defected to Kumo clan.. To the pirate king him self.. Though that did not last long.. As Volkis grew more power hungry with every one of Arcon Delain's men who fell more loyal to him then the pirate king.. he soon took all the men and ships as well as any valuables he could and split away from Kumo Clan.. Making his own Pirate faction known simply as "Reapers"... All reaper ships bare the name "Reaper" in an attempt to hide their numbers.

The reapers generally hunt out side of controled space, but will come in often to attack other faction's bases or supply lines.. many are contracted as mercenaries to terrorize and harass others.. the Reapers are split up between Volkis Reznov as the head, and the 4 other captains of the remaining original men left alive after the Xeno conflict. Each controlling most of the area just around controled space. this council of the 5 pirate lords of the "Reapers" are among the most feared for their sheer brutality to those that they deem deserving of it.. They are not as large as Kumo Clan.. And infect are the smallest of the factions, owning less territory and are spread out from each other.. Yet they fight with such a ferocity that the bounties put on their head are higher then the normal pirate... They have even been known to stalk their pray out into deep space, interdicting them, and then waking out in the middle of deep space to let their pray know they are being stalked.. Playing with their food a bit before the attack.. Deep space explorers are recommended to bring weapons to defend them selves.. these pirates will not be appeased untill you either have no cargo at all or you are dead. It just depends on how controlled they are... As the reapers are all addicted to an unknown chemical.. They are slaves to this addiction thus the reason for their actions.. This is also how they recruit men, by capture or kidnap.. And then forcing their addiction onto them, forcing them to fight and steal to supply the habit. No one knows who started the practice. Some believe it was Volkis him self in an attempt to control loyalty among his men.. Other's believe he has a scientist in his employ. Little is known of the reaper's aside from their surface level actions.
All that is known for sure is they are to be feared. And Volkis needs to Die.
I like the ideas of deep space stalking. Maybe not too deep.. Maybe 1000ly, perhaps meant as more of an annoyance more then to kill our explore friends. The Shared Reaper ship name i really like. More or less expending the bubble... Also the reapers and the Xeno in my little bit of story play into each other.. Though im Going to keep that a secret from here in case my idea is used. Because you might want to do something secretive with it.. no sure. Feel free to contact me in anyway.. Im on ps4. Same screen name as on here. Enjoy the inspiration.. Also i apologize for any miss splling.. Its 1:50am..