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Thread: Frontier-Support?

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    Is the Frontier-Support page still working? I'm trying to create a ticket since 2 days now but not possible!
    And i cant find any other way to contact the support team. I tried in FB under: "" and i got the following answer from CMDR Unha:
    "Sorry to hear that you're having trouble creating a ticket, please could you try going through here?" - LOL! she gave me the same link again! apparently she didnt even read my question!

    OK, my question is, what kind of options do we have here in Elite Dangerous to contact the support?


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    Hello Ganellon, you should definitely be able to create a ticket using the link provided by CMDR Unha, this is in fact our only link for creating tickets. If this isn't working for you, there may be an issue with the browser you are using. The link should work in most common browsers on PC/Mac and mobile devices:

    If you are still having trouble accessing the page, please try a different browser or a different device. The website is definitely up and running. Do let us know how you get on!

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    OK, i will, thx again!

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    Can't create a ticket either

    I have encountered problems installing a new Launcher app on my Mac and when I play through Steam all the graphics are naff and the game runs like tortoise. I have tried twice now to create a ticket to ask for assistance, and although it looks like I have completed the process I go back 24hrs later and there is no record of my ticket. This is very frustrating and at the moment I am unable to play the game in it's current form. So, I have to confirm there is something wrong with the support website, and I haven't found any other way of getting in contact, a support team who are unreachable? thats bollx

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    Hi there CMDR.

    I'd certainly concede that there are a handful of ppl who run into issues with the ticket system but it wouldn't really be fair to say that we're unreachable given that we do in fact receive hundreds of tickets every week!

    Luckily, for those who do have issues, we're active not only here but on our Twitter, Reddit and Facebook pages.

    I'd be happy to create a ticket on your behalf if you could just PM me your registered email address.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Luna View Post (Source)
    Hi there CMDR.

    but it wouldn't really be fair to say that we're unreachable given that we do in fact receive hundreds of tickets every week!

    Luckily, for those who do have issues, we're active not only here but on our Twitter, Reddit and Facebook pages.

    I'd be happy to create a ticket on your behalf if you could just PM me your registered email address.
    Thats funny! I appreciate your offer of creating a ticket for me, but it would seem that I don't have the correct permissions on my account to be able to PM you, which just backs up my original statement! I don't do Reddit, I don't have a twitter account and although I have a FB account I don't like using it. So, perhaps if I explain the problem to you maybe you can tell me a solution? I have Mac OS High Sierra installed, the new launcher app won't install and when I play Elite directly through Steam most of the graphics are corrupt.

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    You're definitely rather limited then. My apologies.

    With tech issues, given the amount of diagnostic info we generally need to send and receive, a ticket really would be the best option.

    Would you mind posting your Commander name here? I can locate your account from that and then still create a ticket for you.

    In the meantime, I'm none too sure why the game would be any different through Steam but so far as the standalone launcher is concerned, there's a known issue with the latest version of Mono on High Sierra.

    You'll need to run Mono version 5.0.1 from the link below:

    If this doesn't resolve the issue immediately, you'll need to remove Mono completely before re-installing it using the above package.

    To uninstall Mono, please follow the instructions given at the bottom of this page.

    Just a thought re. Steam - have you tried validating your game files? Right-click ED in your library, go to properties --> local files --> verify integrity...

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    I'm not a Mac user but did notice that some players have a thread open about this Mono issue on High Sierra in the Mac sub-forum.
    It appears that you can keep multiple versions of Mono installed and switch which one is the active version:

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    Thanks for that.

    I personally use a Mac very rarely so that's some good schooling

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    I appreciate your time, I have installed mono 5.0.1. Another post elsewhere suggested downloading mono 4.8.0 which I did first. I wonder, since I don't know what the hell I'm doing, will the later version take precedence over the older one? I understand the older versions don't get over written, these mono downloads are pretty big, 5.0.1 is 1gb. Can I, should I, remove the older versions of mono and if so, how?
    I had no idea about the Steam file validation process, I have now done that. And, it's done all. The launcher app still won't download and the graphics still don't display correctly through Steam. Do I really need the app? if i can play through Steam then perhaps we can forget about the app and just sort out the graphics problem. Some suggest Mono 4.8.0, should I give that a try?

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    Normally Mono will install whichever version you've selected over the top of the current version (even if you're downgrading). If you're unsure what you've currently got installed and would like to try removing everything, you can uninstall using the instructions here.

    We currently suggest installing Mono

    It's worth noting that this is all relating to an issue that causes the launcher to hang when it starts - if you're getting to the point where the download simply doesn't work then it sounds like this might not be the problem you're having. Downloading the game from Steam bypasses the launcher's need to download things so it's a good workaround for that, however you still need Mono for the launcher to run in any case.

    Let us know how you get on

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    I've given up on the, it's not going to work for me. I'm quite happy to play the game direct through Steam, it's just a shame the graphics keep crapping out. I have installed and tried Mono 4.4.1, and and both will work for about 5 minutes before the graphics will suddenly crap out. Ships become transparent, some walls of the space stations disappear and half of the ships dash disappears or won't display properly. I have also tried Mono, the latest version and that won't work at all.
    If I can just get the game to work through Steam I would be happy.
    Is playing the game through an Xbox or PS a viable alternative? I don't have either but may consider getting one. What would be the minimum requirements? Will Steam run through a Win 10 simulator through VirtualBox on the Mac?
    If I have to change my platform from Mac will I have to pay again for the game, and would I be able to transfer my commander data across?

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    Hi k816js1
    I don't know if you saw my earlier post about switching Mono versions but it was mostly to make you aware that there's a Mac specific sub-forum if you'd like to have a read of it. There might be other players there who have had similar issues to yourself and can help if you ask?

    If you go to XBox or PS4 then be aware that you'd need to buy a new copy of the game and any cosmetics etc that you have bought, and if you were a Kickstarter then any perks from that wouldn't be transferable either.
    Your commander can't be transfered either, although I believe support can transfer the net value of your assets and ranks(?) to a new commander, but that's all.

    If you have a Windows 7 or 10 license, then one alternative instead of running inside VirtualBox might be to set up a 'bootcamp' installation that lets you boot your Mac into that instead. This would be a "proper" Windows installation and you could play with your existing commander as it has an equivalent launcher/FD account login.
    Again I'm sure you'll find information and be able to get some advice if you pop into the mac area!

    One thing though- what's the spec of your Mac and does it have discrete nVidia or AMD graphics or is it using integrated intel graphics?
    The advice about using a lesser version of Mono was only to get the launcher itself working again. Your graphics problem is most likely another issue to look at, so it'll help Support if you can add that information for them...

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    Thanks, I will check out the other thread to see if anyone else is having similar problems. My brother is coming to visit for the Christmas, he's the tech wiz, maybe he can help with that Boot Camp thing.
    My Mac has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2 GB, running macOS High Sierra v10.13.1 with a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. It's really just the graphics problem through Steam.

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    Ah wait, was there not a new set of Nvidia drivers that fixed this, you may have to update them manually off the site because I don't think MacOS does this automatically.

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