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Thread: Buckyball Racing Club presents: Land of Hope and Glory (Dec. 5-11)

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    Buckyball Racing Club presents: Land of Hope and Glory (Dec. 5-11)


    Hello, and welcome to Land of Hope and Glory!

    The leaderboard:

    The race will start on Tuesday, December 5, 3303 at 0:00:00, and will continue until Monday, December 18, 3303 at 23:59:59. All entries must be run during that time. Submissions will be allowed up to Tuesday, December 19, 3303 at 23:59:59; however, all entries must be raced at some point between December 5 and December 18.

    1. You will need Horizons for this, as this involves SRV racing. You will also need some method of video capture, recording, and dissemination, such as Twitch or Youtube.
    2. Take your ship to Dav’s Hope. It can be found in Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23, A5, coordinates 44.818 / -31.389. Note that Dav’s Hope isn’t selectable as a location, as it is an abandoned settlement. Land your ship outside of the settlement.
    3. Drive your SRV to the main gates at the front of Dav's Hope. Stop within the main entrance gate. This is the starting (and finish) line; this is where you will start your run. More information on Dav's Hope can be found here and here. At this time, I recommend checking your materials within inventory to see if you can fit 30 more items within.
    4. Once done, I recommend going into the main menu at this time, making sure to turn on your recording or streaming, then going back into the game in either solo mode or private group. The reason for this… some of the materials you’re required to collect have a habit of rolling sometimes, and the sooner you get to them, the better. Because, well… that’s the point of this race: collecting all of the materials in the station. And, if someone else in open play or in private group has picked up the materials, that’s going to be marked as a penalty. Also, if it is in open, it is likely that such behavior will annoy other CMDRs there to gather materials.
    5. From the moment you accelerate from a stopped position at the gate, the clock starts.
    6. There are 10 sets of materials in the station, set at various locations within. Start at the entrance gate to Dav’s Hope. Collect all 10 sets of materials as fast as possible, then race back to the main gate. The clock will continue to run until the SRV has crossed the main gate again.
    7. Materials set within the station by entities other than Frontier Developments will not count. The places where these materials materialize are marked and known, as shown in the link included above.
    8. If you fail to collect all 10 sets of materials within the station, you will be assessed the following penalty, based on the number missed:
    a. 1 missed: 5 second penalty
    b. 2 missed: 15 second penalty
    c. 3 missed: 30 second penalty
    d. 4 missed: 50 second penalty
    e. 5 missed: 75 second penalty
    f. Any additional missed: an added 30 second penalty.
    9. Yes, I realize this means that a person could potentially turn in a time of 3 minutes and 45 seconds just by turning their name in. Anyone who turns in a time of 3 minutes and 45 seconds will be officially given the Couch Potato award.
    10. Once completed, post the video to video sharing or streaming site, such as Youtube or Twitch.
    11. When you turn in your result, please turn in the following, either through private message to me or to my email address:
    a. Forum name
    b. CMDR name
    c. SRV name
    d. Estimated raw time
    e. Number of materials collected
    f. Estimated revised time
    g. Link to the video of the posted run
    h. Favorite Land Racing Vehicle (Real or fictional)
    12. If there is a tie to the nearest second – and, given the shortness of this race, there may be – any tie will be broken with the use of a stopwatch by the race organizer and consultation with other BRC officials.
    13. A leaderboard will be posted and updated daily; however, times will not be posted until the race is completed

    If you are unable to post a video, the following rules apply. After some discussion, screenshots can be used as proof if the following 14 screenshots are included:

    1: A screenshot of the number of materials in storage before start.
    2: Standing start at gate.
    3-12: One screenshots just after each item is picked up, when it shows the text on-screen indicating the pick-up.
    13: Finish - crossing the gate.
    14: A screenshot of the number of materials in storage after start.

    Good luck!

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    Intent to spin helplessly and crash into the buildings:

    CMDR Stern Winter
    SRV "Snowmobile"

    EDIT: Favorite land racing vehicle:

    Anyone got a list of useless materials that can be safely dumped ?

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    I'm in!

    I'm there ..

    I'm done (video uploading now).

    Actually, having re-read the rules I now realise that it's supposed to be a standing start (whereas I went for a rolling start). That's OK, there was a second on the end of my time that was bugging the heck out of me anyway. I'll do some more runs tomorrow.

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    First run submitted.

    And speaking of standing starts ... my favourite land racing vehicle is Sammy Miller's "Vanishing Point" rocket powered funny car.

    I remember first seeing this at the Santa Pod racetrack way back in the 80's. After a day of the loudest sounds I'd ever experienced (if you've ever heard the blast of noise that comes from a top-fuel dragster or funny car then you'll know what I mean - ear plugs are MANDATORY) it was weird how it just sat there on the start line, completely silent ... waiting ... ominous.

    Pretty sure I was there when he blew out the windows and I was definitely there when he set that record.

    R.I.P Sammy! o7

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    To hell with tomorrow ... boom! Sorted out that superfluous extra second that was irritating me and submitted a new run, this time with a standing start.

    I think I'd better stop now before FD ban me for excessive mode switching.

    A trip to the engineers is in order I reckon!

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    Day 1

    All was quiet in Dav's Hope as Day 1 of racing dawned.

    This lasted about as long as it took for Alec Turner to arrive in his SRV, Joe 90. Alec first christened the leaderboard with the excellent, but also frustrating, time of one minute and one second. Not to be outdone by a "1" at the beginning of his time, he improved on his mark, collecting all 10 materials in a span of 56 seconds to set a time for others to reach. Good job!

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    Day 2

    Dav's Hope lies alone and quiet in the darkness, a forlorn and empty reminder that nothing is eternal.

    And, elsewhere, a CMDR tries to figure out how to cross the Formidine Rift and get back to the bubble by the weekend...

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    Errr, much as I like being number 1 ... where is everybody!

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    Yep, what a strange silence around here...if only I wasn't still stranded on Enceladus, at least we could be two (even though Alec could not like that ) everyone else too busy with the race to collect Christmas gifts?

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    I'm probably not going to manage this race, sorry.

    I've not played at all since the first weekend of Yggdrasil (at that time I expected to have loads of time to join that race in later in the week).

    I might be able to make it to Dav's Hope during the weekend, but I'm definitely not sure so I don't want to make another unfulfilled intent to race.

    Hopefully I'll get chance to to finish a distant second behind Alec if nobody else turns up though.

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    Looks like a fun and quick land race. Since I am terrible at long range flyving, hopefully I can make a better showing at a sprint-type competition. I should be able to get runs in Friday or Sunday, depending on the work schedule.

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    Sign me up for the couch potato award. Over the next few days I won't have time to play any game let alone race in this one.

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    Come on, make it interesting. Require all participants to be in VR with horizon leveling off.

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    Hey, the race made the newsletter!

    Maybe we'll get some uptake over the weekend?

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    Dang I would like to participate but I just decided to set off on an exploration trip.

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