Day 8 - and then, there were mountains.

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Almost 1000 km traveled since the start and I'm starting to get low on resources after my previous many exploits, my next part of the journey will better be devoted to stock up on iron and nickel.
And once I departed from "Camp Whereveryouare", that's exactly what I did. Not!

Now I really, *really* need to stock up on metals. Anyway, here's what happened in shorts. Not a typo, I like comfort when I have to drive for long distances.

After a couple of very brightly lit days, sunny with a chance of broken satellites, it's starting to get dark again. Or the other way round, hard to tell here. The sun hanging low hover the horizon still glints off my golden carriage, I quite like this lightning, it makes the landscape feel tranquil and intimate:

The terrains slowly transitions from an endless plain to a more varied and interesting setting, with lots of mounds, dips, and expansive views; very drive to fun compared to what I left behind, but also demanding on my already dwindling supply of repair materials. Bonus fact, most of the Solar System is included in this view:

Strangely enough, this area of the small moon is as much rough as it is apparently lacking of any activity for my scanner. Already a couple dozens of kilometers in and there haven't been no signs of any kind, except for a couple ships briefly flying overhead and out of view. No small settlements, no stashes of containers, no landed ships, but most importantly not a single usable outcrop. Seems strange, after the many dozens I met the day before without even needing to stray off my course. I just decide to keep eyes more open than usual and see how far I can make it with what I currently have at my disposal.

Not much far, apparently.

"Repentance of fools" - Unknown author, December 3303 - Pixels on monitor

Jumping and drifting from mound to mound, constantly depleting the few pieces of iron and nickel remaining, I slowly made my way Southward.
And then, there were mountains.

The lack of atmosphere makes difficult to judge distances, but the parallax effect given by my own motion tells me that the elevation I see in front of me is far, and is big, and I've already been going uphill for a while so that must be the peak of not just another rounded hill, but of a proper little mountain.

The more I get close to it, the more its true dimensions become apparent; that's definitely a mountain, and only now I notice, it's large enough to be already visible from the satellite map:

Inside the circular brackets, a small bump halfway from the center to the lower bracket, just left of a small crater.

Since I'm really on emergency reserves for repairs, I opt for setting up camp at the peak of the mountain. I'll have to assign it a name before though, so I decide to call it "Mount Desmond", in honour of my childhood hero, the character that shaped my love for space and inspired me to take up a career between the stars, "Desmond The Moon Bear":

So here I am, on top of Mount Desmond, contemplating the vast expanse all around me:

The Pleiades look so peaceful from here. A thought goes out to all the people struggling to survive, fight and escape from there in these critical times.

Small video contribution, because this time a simple image really couldn't do justice:

From my new camp on top of Mount Desmond, Aken Bosch out.