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Thread: GTX 1080 or 1080ti for the Rift

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    Originally Posted by Tomkin View Post (Source)
    Wow, this loooks like you solved a luxury Problem...cause from a 1080 to a 1080 ti is about 20% performance plus i Guess?
    This is more like a 30% difference in GPU limited scenarios.

    Originally Posted by Tomkin View Post (Source)
    Upgrading from 1070 to 1080ti should be more than 25% Performance plus!
    Closer to 50-55%, again in GPU limited scenarios, but Elite usually qualifies.

    Originally Posted by Tomkin View Post (Source)
    My I7 3770 is Running at 4.3 Ghz stable, but when there will be a BIOS update for an 3 Year old AsRock Board?
    Probably never. You may need to apply microcode fixes to the firmware yourself, if you want them.

    Originally Posted by Tomkin View Post (Source)
    And how much Performance will get lost?
    For most games, including ED, almost none.

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    I worked my way up the food chain starting with a 1060, then a 1070, and now a 1080. I saw a distinct improvement with each.

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    Originally Posted by MickyG1982 View Post (Source)
    But, the programmer that wants to invade your pc has to know the unique code embedded into your processor & so be targeting you personally.
    Yeah - a home user is not really going to have any real chance of being affected by Spectre. You really need to have annoyed someone pretty bad, and they'll be going to an awful lot of trouble...

    I'd be more worried as a corporate if I fired an particularly clever IT person, for no good reason, and they are holding a grudge.


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