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Thread: The Star Citizen Thread v8

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    Originally Posted by milligna View Post (Source)
    So why is only CIG repulsive enough to do things like that to exploit their fans?
    Well, CR worked for Origin, and Origin was bought by EA.... so makes sense really

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    Originally Posted by GuruNot View Post (Source)

    Once RSI/CIG has your money it would seem they really dont want to give it back!!
    They are selling tickets now for an event in October????

    They did it so far in advance previous years?

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    Originally Posted by Agony_Aunt View Post (Source)
    They are selling tickets now for an event in October????

    They did it so far in advance previous years?
    they have been selling a TBA 2025 game since 2012 anyway.

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    Originally Posted by sleutelbos View Post (Source)
    One of the most common purchases in gaming are lootboxes, where you have a very large chance of gaining crap. Outside of gaming billions are spend by people on horse races, poker, bitcoins, stock gambling and a whole other slew of random stuff that doesnt guarantee you anything at all. Their money, their choice. Same with SC. You dont have to like it, you dont have to understand it, but it would be nice if you could respect other people's choice to spend money the way they want without going all high and mighty about it.
    How people spend their money is their own business, but that doesn't make CIGs business model any less predatory or any more ethical.

    Lootboxes are a good example, though one I chose not to bring up....CIGs model ties into the same mindset though it doesn't fall under the same definition as gambling.

    But regardless of how people choose to spend their money...after all, why should I care?...that doesn't mean $1000 spent on WOW is equal to $1000 spent on SC.

    The truth is that in WoW you know exactly what you are buying.

    While in don't. You don't know what you are getting. You don't know what it will look like. You don't know if it will work the way you think it will or employ the mechanics CIG states. You could easily buy an Idris and get an Aurora. You don't even know when you will get it, if you'll get it, if the game will come out and every time CIG has another sale, it's adding to the pile of work it has to do. It takes months of work to add ships to games.

    Making it worse....CIG are acting and pretending as if what they sell is definitive has been is subject to change. Ships have been reworked even after being "released". And will need to be reworked again when and if CIG adds game mechanics.

    The point here being the same as before....spending money on WOW is not the same as spending money on SC, so trying to draw an equivalence between the two is wrong.

    You get what you pay for with WOW.
    In SC, you don't get what you pay for. You pay for something, sight unseen, and hope and pray that it'll be delivered at some vague undetermined point in the future, but that it will look and act like CIG tell you it will

    The two are not equivalent save both require real cash.

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    Latest Calling All Devs

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    Originally Posted by sleutelbos View Post (Source)
    There isn't. If someone wants to spend a 1000 bucks of their own self-earned money on pre-used donkey vommit that is their choice. If you'd skip on the offer, that is also fine. There is no arbitrarily drawn line where your opinion somehow because Good Enough to start judging what other people do with their money.
    The thing that scares me about Chris Robert's donkey vomit stall is the effect it has on other vendors. They see people going up to his stall waving vast wads of money and jostling in the queue to get served. They'll be thinking it would be a good idea to mix a little donkey vomit into what they sell, and raise their prices.

    This fear is grounded. Every other phone manufacturer sells iPhone knock-offs with its lack of sockets and thin sliver of lithium electrolyte because... "that's what the customers want"

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    Originally Posted by sleutelbos View Post (Source)
    Hey, when it comes to holding CIG accountable I'm with you.

    Isn't it just very relative in the end? I mean, sure you dont know what you'll get, or even if you're gonna get anything at all. But is that really that much worse than betting on the horses or spending a lot of money on the lottery?
    No, because those activities are transparent. What you get is what is advertised. With SC you don't get what is advertised, you get evasion after evasion.