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Thread: The Star Citizen Thread v8

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    Originally Posted by Surefoot View Post (Source)
    Im not reading the SC reddit. Maybe have a look at my post history before going on assumptions.. I have read what DS had to say here on this forum, and no i wont waste my time on his ego trip blog either. Im just looking at the huge hype on both sides and i see a lot of fanaticism and assumptions, speculation without facts. This has been going for years...
    You posted your own speculation without facts in response to me and I corrected you and pointed you to his blog for reference. If you are responding to me get your argument straight.

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    Originally Posted by Conde View Post (Source)
    I've only backed the game with an Avenger (which is getting a major overhaul in 3.2) as I've loved CR's previous work but it's been 6 years now since the launch of crowdfunding and I'm resigned to seeing beta maybe in 2020 and release 1.0 in 2022, perhaps the 10th anniversary lol. I've just fired it up with 3.14 and my FPS in the PTU is still just as bad especially around port Olisar, nowhere near what you are getting. Anyway, I wanted to ask what kind of rig do you have? I have a reasonably fast Asus motherboard with a decent AMD processor, W10 64Bit all background apps off, 16Gb HyperX mem, 1TB Crucial SSD, Asus overclocked GTX 1060-6gb running at 2560 x 1440. Fibre connection in UK so ping is fairly low to the European server. Including ED, every other game I play (mostly sims , action and RTS, my FPS is in the range of 40 (under stress) to around 100. Lowering the res makes no difference, so what am I missing?

    Currently as so many have said the game is unplayable but I live in hope. Gameplay wise ED literally is on another planet. What we take for granted in ED to happen in seconds takes ridiculous amounts of time in SC, walking around or EVA the same old places gets boring pretty fast! Space legs just for the sake of it would be a disaster for ED, getting out of you ship and taking 10 minutes to find a mission in a bar somewhere or upgrading your ship would be become a real pain very quickly!

    What they're working on now is not what they were 5 years ago, the engine can't cope so heavy amounts of time and money are spent reinventing the wheel. Tips- turn off ambient occlusion to reduce MobiGlass glare and reduce right down pitch, roll and yaw settings which vastly improves the twitchy flight model to maybe 10% of the enjoyment we get out of ED's!
    I think he runs a Schillmaster 2000XL rig. CIG gives these to people they trust.

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    Well, apparently the performance can degrade the longer the server you're connecting to is running, so there's a non-trivial possibility he's just lucky.

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    I just tried out the latest 3.14 patch and I must admit that I did feel it that IFCS has been refactored especially when I attempted atmospheric flight on the planets/moons,feels much better now and when I am saying this I mean itīs finally "flyable"and not necessarily pleasurable experience mainly due still low FPS....I also noticed that my ship didnīt jumped out or glitched on the surface when I landed on it also l logged out from the ship bed successfully......I played just for 15 min or so didnīt notice any other significant changes except this so far.....

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    Wow, looks like a long-term critic saying "the alpha has become slightly less bad..." has broken the thread!

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    Originally Posted by Tuub t Tute View Post (Source)
    Wow, looks like a long-term critic saying "the alpha has become slightly less bad..." has broken the thread!
    Well....there is still so many important things that need to be fixed and introduced in the SC so that this game could become somehow more fun&playable but honestly I canīt repeat myself again&again about all those broken and horrific things itīs a bit easier if I just point on things that I personally find improved from previous patch....and yeah sure you could call me a long-term critic but I think that I always just tried to be objective realist......

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    Let me tell you that discussing the positive things about Star Citizen without obvious shilling or fanatical PoVs is refreshing and in dire need around here so dont let that **hater** stop you

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    Is that IFCS refactor giving weight to ships in space ? Or are we still seeing Hornets move like Unreal Tournament characters ? I hear they coded some gravity effects when a ship is not in landing mode.