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  • 01 - Listeri69 - Fat, Hop and clarity

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  • 02 - Cmdr pseudonym - Warning: Do not exceed maximu

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  • 03 - psykokow - The Dark

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  • 04 - Galactic Midden - Kow Was Right, You Really Ca

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  • 05 - CMDR FluffyBun - Monologue in more ways than o

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  • 06 - Frank - Frank's Choice

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  • 07 - RoyalHankey - A Christmas Present for Psykokow

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  • 08 - Simoof - The Pundits - a tale that just sucks

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  • 09 - Alien - Should A Partner's Presents Be Forgot,

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  • 10 - Edith_The_Hutt - Not pleased to see me.

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #231: New Year's Resolutions

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #231: New Year's Resolutions

    Well done Edith_The_Hutt. Your choice for this week was

    "New Years Resolutions"

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour (usually at 7pm), Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. Everyone is welcome to vote.
    And a plea to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself.
    Anyone caught voting for themselves shall be forced to give everything up for 2018

    01 - Listeri69 - Fat, Hop and clarity : A story of morals, morons and misogyny...

    Simoof sat with his list in hand.
    He'd made a few resolutions for the new year.
    But the biggest one was he was going to do more for charity
    He'd entered himself for the Winnard's Hole marathon and he was looking for people to take part.
    'I'm running a marathon for charity' he announced to Psykokow 'wanna take part with me?'
    'I'm not as fit as I was' Said Psykokow 'besides I can't really be bothered'
    'awww come on it's for disabled, blind kids with bowel cancer'
    Psykokow paused 'fair enough count me in I recon I can beat them'

    02 - Cmdr pseudonym - Warning: Do not exceed maximum dose....

    'I can't feel my willy' Skiprat moaned at the doctor
    'well that's because we amputated both your arms you're lucky to be alive at all'
    'I made a new years resolution not to get infatuated with any more secretive girls'
    'Well luckily for you they caught her'
    'where have they put her?
    the doctor gave a chuckle 'Infatuation, idiot'
    'I'm not asian, and why have you stuck her in fat?'
    'well she's been classified as highly dangerous. Turns out she's a sexbot hacked for 210 cycles a minute'
    'I thought I was flapping a bit fast in the spastic eagle'

    03 - psykokow - The Dark

    Midnight, finally...
    He brought up his target screen and scanned for new contacts…
    Not there ‘Damn!’
    His ship systems started shutting down abandoning him and his ship to the deep black and cold.
    He drifted..
    Hours passed, he giggled ‘maybe this year would hold more luck for him than the last.’
    His breath misted as he laughed thinking of his resolutions made last year.
    ‘I won’t make any more resolutions, ever! I’m perfect as is’
    The year had other ideas.
    Still Drifting…
    A warm blanket of hypothermia softly cuddled him, he smiled
    It was the first resolution he’d ever kept.

    04 - Galactic Midden - Kow Was Right, You Really Can't Get The Staff

    Midden was furious. All his efforts to take over this base and once again the minions had failed to pay proper respects. "Who did it this time? Who defaced the golden potato bust?". A few ss came from the assembled locals but none spoke.

    "Do you want me to flail a few of 'em?" sniffled Smoof his simpering sidekick.

    "Get the guillotine!" Midden replied, "and read this week's orders again". The sloppy Smoof shuffled off.

    "Your Greatness" a local piped up, "we's only giving funnies".

    "Enough!" Midden boomed as Smoof leached back in. "Smoof, the orders!"

    "N-Ne, N-Newer Re-executions needed"

    05 - CMDR FluffyBun - Monologue in more ways than one

    “New Year’s Resolution: 1920x1080?”

    “No, enough with the puns. All of your writing descends toward a rotten one-liner that leaves everybody deflated. Your resolution should be to write moving, dynamic drabbles.”

    “OK, the Frame Shift Drive juddered …”

    “No, moving drabbles … drabbles with emotion!”

    “The Frame Shift Drive juddered tenderly …”

    “No, drabbles written with style!”

    “The Frame Shift Drive juddered tenderly toward Carnaby Street …”

    “God, I’m losing the will to live …”

    “Waypoint, scoop?”

    “Well, yes, no wait! No, no, no …”

    “Ok, a moving, dynamic drabble with emotion and style?”


    “No chance, I'm outta words”

    06 - Frank - Frank's Choice

    Sven heard a groaning coming from a pile of tinsel. He put the tinsel in a bin liner to reveal Frank, who had been there all night. "Never again?"

    Frank eyed the barman suspiciously "Why would I say something like that?"

    Sven shrugged as he picked up the Christmas tree.

    Frank stared at the glass he'd been holding. He'd never seen a Janx left in its glass so long "It's so thick!"

    "Janx slowly boils away the water that it comes with. If you drank that, it'd be your last ever drink."

    Frank pondered for a second. "Add some water!"

    07 - RoyalHankey - A Christmas Present for Psykokow

    Simoof was looking for a present for Psykokow.
    He thought, 'A COMPUTER' he's always breaking his so I'll get him another.
    He looked everywhere until...................................
    He saw this shop selling unbreakable items.
    Simoof said "Hello, do you sell unbreakable computers, money's no object".
    Shopkeeper replied "We have this HP 2683560 zx spectrum is a good buy".
    Ok wrap it up please".
    He gave Psykokow the computer.
    A Black screen appeared which meant he had to take it back
    "Psykokow, do you break every foocking computer!!!!"
    Shop Keeper said "We will have the software for that resolution in the New Year".

    08 - Simoof - The Pundits - a tale that just sucks balls.

    He slapped the a$s so hard it started a new rear revolution.
    Cleaning his equipment with this new rezoglide gel gave it the new gear rezo-lube shine.
    Vangogh had been recreated but the missing part was stuck in the middle of his face. He did not like his new ear relocation.
    Eric, sat in the spacebar "resolute", commed his friend to see where he was.. "You near resolute, Sean?"
    The eygptian jamaican had 2 props for his bardic band left "u weer fez or lute mon"
    I promise never to pun again this year. This is my new year resolution.

    09 - Alien - Should A Partner's Presents Be Forgot, Your Fate Will Soon Be Mine ....

    "You must not forget."
    "I won't forget."
    "I need those two things."
    "I know."
    "If you forget them I'll ... I'll ... something."
    "Yep, I got that, I've written them down."
    "It's not for me you understand ... I'm asking ..."
    "For a friend?"
    "No, I don't pull that excuse out."
    "For yourself?"
    "No, it's for the wife, I need those packages for her end of year present."
    "I completely understand wink wink."
    "Did you just say wink wink?"
    "Yeah, this is over com link, so you can't see me actually winking."
    "Oh yeah, silly me ... so remember ..."
    "I Know, your rest or lotion."

    10 - Edith_The_Hutt - Not pleased to see me.

    He sat opposite: cheap plastic badge, cheap plastic gun and a desk which was almost certainly sold as “Wipe-Clean”; a low-cost rent-a-cop on a nowhere station. Only I was in manacles and he had the keys, manners said he should go first.

    “Multiple counts of larceny, assault, illegal gambling, public drunkenness, piracy, blackmail, running a brothel, working in a brothel, stealing a spaceship to use as a brothel, and of course: smuggling Onionhead. So...” he leered across the table, “got any new year's resolutions?”

    “Yeah,” I said, slowly drawing my concealed blaster beneath the table, “Next year: don't get caught”

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    Ok This week has been done and dusted.

    Audio is up on itunes for your enjoyment
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    or enjoy this Frank challenge...

    Will get it on youtube asap

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    well done Listeri69.And a happy new year to you all.