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Thread: Enigma Expedition to Colonia for Charity and for/with CMDR DoveEnigma13

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    I'm at the station in open now. I'm proud to have been even just a small part of this.
    Best wishes to DoveEnigma13 and all who fly with and for him!

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    At the station just now in open as well.

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    It was great to be a part of this expedition (this doesn't describe it properly, but I don't have better words for it at the moment).

    Best of wishes for DoveEnigma13 and thank you Greytest for organizing this.

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    Hi its been a pleasure to part of such a wounded trip, its nice to see everyone together.
    Its been an honour to fly along side CMDR DoveEnigma13

    Thanks everyone

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    Glad you enjoyed your station Doveenigma13. The race to get here was fun

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this expedition. I'm glad I took part. o7 to all.

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    I enjoyed being a part of this expedition - this was my first time this far out from The Bubble. The Dove Enigma megaship is awesome! Best wishes to CMDR Dove Enigma. Thank you for allowing us to go with you on this journey. o7

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    Magic, pure magic.

    Thank you all. o7

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    Originally Posted by ModishNouns View Post (Source)
    Very good video there, ModishNouns - and good choice of music!

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    Just want to thank all the PS4 community, and especially allcrowsareblack for hosting this on the PS4. Was a great turn out and a lot of fun throughout and especially on the last WP at Dove Enigma, 27 PS4 players instanced, amazing.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Originally Posted by ModishNouns View Post (Source)
    Wonderful! Rep for a bit of Kings of Leon and even more rep for everyone that took part in this - such a beautiful thing.

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    Waypoint WP16 PS4

    The last meetup of the expedition:

    I changed the name of my ship from “Commodore” to:

    Since I started gaming some 35 years ago I have truely never seen such a heartwarming game-related initiative and experience like this! It’s a true act of kindness like nothing else. I thank you all, and I am crossing my fingers for you, DoveEnigma13! I wish you all the best, and I am proud of being a small part of this expedition for you. May the future have more happiness in store for you and your family!

    The full album with more pictures:

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    This was my first expedition and I'm glad I took part. Some great comradeship and some amazing waypoints. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe!

    Can only really echo what others have said. All the best DoveEnigma, and thanks!

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    Someone brought a gun to a charity event? Well, you know how that will turn out, don't you?

    This was quite a surprise for everyone peacefully chatting on Discord.