The Colonia region is large enough to be interesting, but small enough to be comprehensively recorded and analysed. It also has many differences from the Sol region, and some less obvious points of interest. Unlike most of the galaxy, it is also actively being expanded and developed.

The Colonia Census - - aims to record the history and geography of the region and provide information useful to those resident or visiting, as well as providing a neutral BGS data resource for local factions.


Current site features:
- Introduction section
-- summary of the current state of the Colonia region
-- information about Colonia and the census for new visitors

- Overview section:
-- a map of Colonia with several filtering and highlighting options
-- a list of inter-system distances including likely expansions for the controlling factions
-- a history of major events
-- trends in player traffic over time

- Catalogues section:
-- lists of all systems, stations and factions
-- leading to detail pages on those places and groups
-- leading to extensive influence histories for factions and systems

- Reports section:
-- comparisons of traffic and criminal activity between systems
-- data on faction sizes and influence by various measures
-- historical data on states of various factions

- Economy section:
-- trade data helpers, including "entire region" stock levels of goods and other tools for local trade CGs
-- information on the effects of BGS states on supply, demand and pricing
-- information on the BGS effects of various mission types
-- information on what outfitting is available in the Colonia region

- Contributors section:
-- information on the age of data and where updates are needed
-- login for manual data entry (usually not needed)

Additionally there is a Discord bot which can be used to query most of this data through a chat interface.


The region being small enough to cover in detail - as well as being entirely self-contained in BGS terms - makes it practical to run a lot of detailed analysis and reporting with fairly good data quality. Please ask if there's anything else you would find useful - new features have been regularly added since the site was originally set up.

The majority of site data is collected automatically through the EDDN network - if you're on PC, you can contribute to this using tools such as EDDiscovery, ED Market Collector, or EDDI. It is currently not possible to collect the data on daily traffic, crimes or bounties this way, as it is not provided in the Journal or through the cAPI - this data is dependent on volunteers collecting it manually. Please get in touch if you're in the region and would like to help with this (or if you're able to add it to the Journal and would like to *massively* help )