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Thread: Mode switching for missions and Smeaton Orbital [200mill/hour]

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Hello commanders,

    As some of you are aware, Passenger Bulk missions are currently generating extremely high credit rewards that we feel are excessive of what we would consider reasonable and balanced.

    After a detailed investigation, we can confirm that this is due to an element in our mission generation algorithm that rewards credits based on the distance of the destination system from the star.

    Due to this, we will be disabling (until further notice) the aforementioned element of Passenger Bulk missions to reduce the amount of credits offered as a reward. Commanders will still be able to select and complete Passenger Bulk missions, but will see less excessive credit rewards.

    In the meantime, we will be reviewing the Passenger Bulk missions and correct the previously mentioned element hopefully in time for you to test in the Beyond Chapter One beta.

    Thanks to all the players who reported the issue.
    After seeing how extensively you've punished long distance systems (36 Ophuchii etc) where they're making less then to systems who are barely a stone's throw a way.. can you assure us there will be at least some incentive in your fix for folks to take (bulk) passengers to systems with stations 100K or out or more? Because right now.. you've ensured there isn't. Its a bit ridiculous when I can make twice as much in a 5 minute trip to a station 3000 ls away as I can to a station that is 100k - 500 - 1 million k/ls from the star.

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    Originally Posted by daman View Post (Source)
    I think it was quite easy to average 125-175 million/ hour.

    The issue is that this was so excessive on any scale, that if someone wanted to simply make credits - they would have only one smart choice - to do this.

    It was funnelling player behaviour.

    Things need to be balanced, whether upwards or downwards. But for example trading in the game has become a hobby rather than a way to make credits when compared to the passenger runs. same for missions which were not passenger missions. you did them for other goals rather than credits.
    Same thing with mining it seems. It takes a long time to complete any mining missions - and when you do, it doesn't pay well at all. I enjoy the peace and quiet being a miner can bring - but the rewards absolutely suck!! Especially considering dropping out of cruise, even in remote systems, immediately puts you into a dog fight if you are carrying anything at all. I've had NPC pirates attack me for my limpets...

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    Originally Posted by T0RC4ED View Post (Source)
    Would be nice if they would fix real bugs this quickly.
    Like convoy beacons being completely empty for two years...

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    I think this is a wonderful move. It was massively unbalancing the game and killing other professions. Very few people bothered with trading/mining/other missions because they were peanuts compared to Smeaton.

    Great job Fdev! This give me hope for the Beyond series.

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    Now they'll be forced to travel on "the top 1% of all liners out there", since players won't be taking them...

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    i saw quite some exquisite focus crystals as rewards for LTT 9360 "nerfed version"
    stacking passengers could bring like 20 to 30 per runs, which is, remember 2 months ago for a minute, like xmas everyday.

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    X-Rebirth was pretty bad... I know im not shelling out money for X4.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR_Brantford View Post (Source)
    I'd like to know what you at FDev consider "excessive" for credits payouts for passenger missions... and what is reasonable and balanced?
    A wide variety of ways to earn 30-60 MCr/hour - missions and otherwise - have survived multiple version releases without nerf or comment from FDev, so I'd guess that they think that's a reasonable high-end earning rate.

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    Originally Posted by Karunamon View Post (Source)
    Wow, look at the flames coming off that strawman!

    Perhaps in the future, respond to what I said, rather than what you want me to have said.
    OK - the answer is "Yes"

    See it was a pretty silly question.

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    Originally Posted by T0RC4ED View Post (Source)
    X-Rebirth was pretty bad... I know im not shelling out money for X4.
    X Rebirth atleast allows you to work up to become a space billionaire without an endless tedious grind for endgame to make said billions.

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    Better get those shields ready Red Fox Four , you've angered quite a lot of people!

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    Do you have to and moan everytime there is a way to make a decent amount of money in this game?

    And 40 minutes, is A LONG FLIGHT.

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    Originally Posted by Konkasaurusrex View Post (Source)
    What do you fly in game? Because when I get attacked in open play, and my ship gets destroyed by a player and I now have to pay 21 million to rebuy it. I'd rather now have to grind for a week to remake that money.

    What system are you in? I'll come pay you a visit.
    You realise there are other things to do in the game than this passenger mission thing right? Plenty of ways to earn that in an hour or two.

    Maybe git gud? Isn't that what you hardbois who make threats like that keep telling everyone?

    Originally Posted by Karunamon View Post (Source)
    Says the have to the have-nots.
    I'm not a 'have' - you'll need ot imagine a new reason.

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    Now that long distance passenger missions are dead, what is the most efficient method to earn credits?

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    Originally Posted by T0RC4ED View Post (Source)
    Would be nice if they would fix real bugs this quickly.
    You mean like landing on Belugas

    Just not that important I guess

    That's a nuisance not a benefit

    Those get to stay