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Thread: Second thargoid scout has been found

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    Second thargoid scout has been found

    Hi there,

    Wing atlantis is proud to give you these pictures :

    After several days brushing the surface of the planet Pleiades_Sector_LN-T_c3-4_2_a, Sileo, member of wing Atlantis, founder of Extool program, has finally found the thargoid scout shown in David Braben's video (

    How did we find the system/planet ? Skybox ! with these 3 stars :

    Thanks to Tonio-gmnh, member of wing Atlantis and Canonn, who discovered the good moon, in the right system.

    How did Sileo find the scout ? With pain and work, going on mostly each latitude of the planet
    Thanks to redden alt-mer for his help ans support along the surface research.

    Want to see it ?

    Pleiades_Sector_LN-T_c3-4 2 a : -60,8915 ; 42,5718

    Scanning the scout gives the same message as the first one.

    More information soon,
    Fly safe, commanders !

    ExTool is a surface research help tool, developed by Sileo and SteFBlood, tested with Wing Atlantis, Canonn members, including EDMC plug-in and website.
    More information here :

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    Another picture, and over for tonight :

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    Congratulations for this discovery, how many systems and planets do you have explore to find the crash site?

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    Well done guys!

    kind of a shame that devs haven't added similar tool IN GAME...or at the very least SURFACE WAYPOINTS & markers....oh well
    I guess humanity went thru a mandatory lobotomy in 3000s

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    Nice work! Even though I haven't found anything, knowing for certain stuff is still out there gives me the strength to keep searching.

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    Congratulations Folks. Good find.

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    Good find. I like that this Thargoid scout crash site looks a bit different from the first one. Bit disappointing that the message is the same when scanning it.

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    Well done, though once again a shame that discoveries like this are in-part the result of analysis of skybox from published videos, rather than actual in-game mechanics. Not the OP's fault though.

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    I'm headed out now on XBOX with multicrew on if anyone wants to tag along.

    Rep for the find, OP.

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    Congrats, great find!

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    Another scout ship ... now whats the whereabouts of their occupants? The boyscout went sore and turned into turnips ?
    Congrats team Atlantis on the excellent find!

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    Wow, just got here. Easy to miss.

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    Congrats on the find CMDR. This is great stuff!

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    Thank Goodness!!

    They made it MUCH easier to get the Ship scan this time...

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    Congrats Commander o7 Hail! to Wing Atlantis!

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