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Thread: Things you love about Elite Dangerous

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    Things you love about Elite Dangerous

    Having seen/read so many (frankly whining) threads along the lines of "ZOMG this feature's so broken I'm gonna quit!", I thought it'd be interesting to see what people like/love about the game. There are, after all, many people still playing and posting on the forums!

    I'll start:

    1) The graphics.
    Having played the original Elite on Apple IIc with green screen wireframe, the ED graphics are just absolutely stunning.
    The way that the planetary rings start off impossibly fine and narrow from a distance, then resolve into wider, grainier/textured bands and then finally into countless spinning rocks - blows my mind every time!

    2) Keyboard UI interaction.
    The UI has clearly been designed with a view to be controllable entirely by the left hand, it's brilliant! Intuitive, quick, easy to use, especially with right hand on another controller.

    3) Regional accents on flight-control.
    So many variations of accents, not just American/English. My absolute favourite is the Lancastrian (Yorkshire? apologies if I'm wrong!) - luvvit!

    4) SRVs!
    No more are the planets just line drawn circles, oh no! You can actually land on them and drive like a loon in a moon-buggy with frickin laser guns! AWESOME!

    I could easily add more, but what things make you smile/nod/sigh in appreciation when playing?

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    It is probably the closest I will get to being out amongst the Stars.

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    It's the original Elite: 1984 with so much more added... updated graphics, flight model (HOTAS!! YAY!!) and an expansive universe with optional solo or multiplay which can be frequently updated with fresh content.

    Oh and the ability to utilize VR (which at some point I'll be able to afford! LOL)

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    Originally Posted by Mal604 View Post (Source)

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    The open ended nature of the game. Coupled with a very immersive gameplay experience in terms of feeling like you are in deep space.

    While I have a lot of nits to pick with the game in a multitude of areas, I still find ED to be one of the most engaging video games ever created... period!

    P.S> The game really needs to be rendered at a locked 60fps 100% of the time in order to truly deliver the immersion factor. I know because I started on Xbox One, but ultimately built a 4k gaming PC to experience ED in its unadulterated glory at a locked 60fps with all graphics settings maxed at Ultra/High.

    It really is a night and day experience compared to the game on console. So if anyone on XB1 or PS4 is feeling held back in their experience at 30fps, they might want to consider the PC alternative.

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    1) It exists;
    2) The Galaxy;
    3) The Modes;
    4) Sound & graphics;
    5) Flight model / super-cruise;
    6) Other things.

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    Originally Posted by Robert Maynard View Post (Source)
    1) It exists;
    2) The Galaxy;
    3) The Modes;
    4) Sound & graphics;
    5) Flight model / super-cruise;
    6) Other things.
    This ^^^ and being together with other commanders on an expedition.

    Fly/land safe.

    CMDR Steyla

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    The galaxy, the visuals, the sound and the overall "you're on your own - make a life for yourself in the space age" theme.

    And the fact that it once made me dream about finally having a decent space exploration game. That dream didn't materialize, but at least it made me dream as no other game did neither past or present (or foseseable future).

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    After 2 years I'm still finding things I haven't done.

    Today I found Dav's Hope via the Listening posts - was always on my list, but it felt great that I found it simply by following the in-game clues. I even didn't know that they were leading me there. Felt great to have 'discovered' it myself.

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    The graphics

    The sound design (stunning)

    The freedom

    It's Elite

    The community

    Blaming Tj for everything and anything...

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    The feeling that you belong to something, not just a game.

    As I just posted on the Ceos/Sothis thread there's a wealth of wisdom and counsel on these boards and at Reddit for just about every situation or questions we new Commanders might have. I even discovered what o7 means, earlier today. In some ways it's more RPG than a RPG game and I've just played in Solo mode so far.

    The sense of achievement having reached a distant star via fuel scooping and the feeling of awe that, out in Sothis, you are now 400ly from established civilisation, with only a few outposts in between - All Alone In The Night (with apologies to J. Michael- Stracynski).

    What other game has inspired a mug and a tee-shirt you can buy after travelling to Hutton Outpost (which I have yet to do to earn the right honestly) which will severely confuse the normals when you walk past them in the street.

    It's a game I've been playing to the exclusion of all else I bought in the Steam sale - even another Grade A title.

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    Its a game in the Elite univerise, which is already a win.

    The realistic galaxy (which some people don't like, they want space fantasy, but i love the realistic nature).

    The combat is quite well done.

    Sounds and graphics are sweet.

    Being able to play by myself or with others as i want.

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    It is a space game in the spirit of Elite (oh wait, yea it IS Elite) that I can play as I want to. No MMO treadmills to keep up with the others. No pressure (even self induced pressure) to do stuff or fall forever behind.

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    The forums!

    But more seriously, the sense of scale, the sense of being in space, the atmosphere and immersion, those wonderful ship sounds, the flight model, the game's open sandbox nature. As someone who grew up with and loved the original Elite games, I'd been waiting a long time for an official sequel and had pretty much given up hope, then along came the ED Kickstarter. So I'm just happy that it exists, despite its many flaws, and that it's made by Braben.

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