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Thread: Anaconda 1/150 in lego

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    That's excellent.
    I really like the use of micro-figs in the cockpit - great work darkdesire!

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    Great job!

    How long did it take to complete?

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    Originally Posted by aaphebus View Post (Source)
    Awesome, I'd surely buy one if Lego sell it.
    It would be too expensive for me. The Millenium Falcon (of this size or even less) costs 799,99
    Yes its much smaller: only 84 cm

    OP, how long did it take to construct it?

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    I'm inspired. I wanna build lego Elite spaceships too! Amazing work.

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    Bookmarking this so that when I've got grandkids, I can show them the meaning of "commitment"

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    I pity the baby that has to sleep in the kitchen

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    This is what you do while waiting to reach the next destination in supercruise or witch space.

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    Nice, I'll have a proper look later as the site the images are is not very work safe!

    +Rep for the effort however

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    Erm... Got plans, by chance?


    Originally Posted by bicarbon8 View Post (Source)
    I pity the baby that has to sleep in the kitchen
    Have no clue, baby will...


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    You have been repped!

    Nice piece of work!

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    Originally Posted by GunnerBill View Post (Source)
    Does it have HRP's?
    Being made of Lego, it may have some structural integrity issues if it made a hard landing....

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    Alas, I can only give you +1 rep.

    I want to give you two: one for the design, and one for building it with actual Legos, rather than using a computer program.

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    This is a slice of fried gold.

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