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Thread: Anaconda 1/150 in lego

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    Originally Posted by Robert Maynard View Post (Source)
    Being made of Lego, it may have some structural integrity issues if it made a hard landing....
    I can just imagine that cool lego creaking sound when you try picking it up!

    I used to make big spaceships from lego (when I was a kid) and throw them at the wall for cool explosions!

    BTW, I think there's been enough praise now...

    Could you not have done this in Pulse Red OP?

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    That looks awesome! Well done!

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    Very nice dude. I love Lego it’s so good for starwars ships.

    So tempted to make an Elite ship now.


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    I can only rep you once, but you deserve at least another 13 (totalling 14 rep points; one per picture).

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    can you please put those together in a gallery and link that? for easier sharing


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    To paraphrase the American patriot Nathan Hale:

    "I only regret that I have but one Rep to give for this thread."

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    Brilliant stuff OP, and jolly well done. This should be featured in the next newsletter.

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    That is awesome! Here is some rep.

    I love legos. My son still has the legos I had like 35 years ago, plus tons of the new stuff. I still remember building Millenium Falcon and other space ships from blocks from Space set back in 79(ish). We used the 1x1 flat transparent bricks as windows in ships to have larger scale.

    But what you have done, it outclasses everything :-)

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    High GunnerBill

    Thank you for your comment, all lego construction i make are very hard, a lot of technic brick to consolidate the structure, when i pick it up, you don't hear anything. But i didn't try to throw it on a wall.... And i don't do it lol

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    Wow ! very very cool !! as a fan of modelism i do really appreciate your result
    Hoping to see some other ships you'd fancy

    Childhood never ends wOOOt !

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    Consider yourself repped Sir.

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