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Thread: Unplayable jitter, but goof fps?

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    Unplayable jitter, but goof fps?


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    So i was super exited to play elite on my new CV1, having loved the experience on my old dk2 before i broke that one, i launched elite and was greeted with horrible jitters when i moved my head around! i have tried moving the sensors everywhere but to no avail! this is the only game i have this, or any other tracking issues with, and i am near certain it is not hardware based, because i have a 980ti Hybrid overclocked to run like a stock 1080. my i5 4460 could use an upgrade but a quick look at the task manager proved the cpu was not the issue and i was indeed getting a stable 90fps in game! turning the settings down or up did not change anything! my head would still jitter like crazy and it just ruins the whole experience. For the brief periods where i got it to be stable, as soon as i did something, like say, shoot another ship, the jitters would come right on back! im not sure what to do about this but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey Yiffy!

    Thanks for your report - I'm going to move this to the support section of our forum, they should be able to advise you what to do with regards to reducing your jitter from the HMD.

    In the meantime, I'd also advise raising a ticket with our Customer support as well - please be considerate of the response time (displayed on the support site).

    Fly safe out there Cmdr!

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    Which driver version are you using? Some of the recent nvidia drivers have caused stuttering/juddering in ED in VR (even though 2D is fine) so I would advise trying some different versions. For me, 388.43 was OK but YMMV.

    Also, are you running any recording software in the background? One more thing to try is to make sure that game mode/DVR background recording is turned off in Windows settings as this has been known to cause stuttering.

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    We've found that since some of the more recent updates to SteamVR and the Oculus SDK, having both open while playing through Oculus Home can occasionally be stuttery and slower than it should. We're not sure why this happens but a good way to check if this is affecting you is to totally close down all SteamVR processes before starting Elite via Oculus Home.

    Hopefully that's a nice simple solution to this issue but otherwise then I would continue with MAIN SEQUENCE's questions so we can better understand the problem.

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    This issue isn't related to steam VR since I've reinstalled the game in both steam and just using the ED client alone as well. This is a recent occurrence and no other game causes this problem. I reinstalled drivers, ED alone, ED via steam, oculus software etc nothing fixes it. I do have an Nvidia card also. (1060 6GB)

    Been playing with this setup mostly free of bugs for the past year. To me this should actually be considered "sever" as it makes VR gameplay, which is an expensive investment, basically unbearable once the jitter kicks in.

    I'll try and older driver but I believe I updated my drivers because of this bug in first place. Thanks

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    Solved this one for my case. Recent Nvidia drivers are causing me problems with the rift. Went back to version 385.41 (Aug 2017) now my frames in VR are consistent again. Sorry for putting this on FD. Thanks!

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    Thanks for following up and letting us know the issue, that will be super helpful if anyone else is having similar issues with their Rift. :-)

    Fly safe CMDR,

    - CMDR Falcon