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Thread: Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One Beta Announcement

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Glad to hear you're all excited! Can't wait to test this alongside you, Commanders.
    Will you be there ?

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    How long will the beta last?

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    How much of this content will be available to players on the Mac?

    Planets access / Engineer access / New ship access?

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    Originally Posted by Remus View Post (Source)
    You should check on your parrot, it looks rather... tired !
    It got too excited with this news.

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    Sounds good.

    Can we also have feedback regarding RNGneer rework and shields/shield boosters balance ?

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    Much excitement!

    Originally Posted by TheLawful View Post (Source)
    Thargoid Scout confirmed - available from NHSS 4

    I have a sneaky feeling these won't be in uss's (fingers crossed)

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    Im genuinely surprised that the beta starts in couple of weeks, wasnt expecting it until mid-February.

    But ill take it!!

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    Didn't expect it before march... I like positive surprises

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    Very nice surprise! Looking forward to it!

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    Super Excited. Thanks FDev!

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    Can't wait to try out the Chieftain - you can never have enough ships!

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    I expected news about Beyond on january, but didn't expect a release! Happy I am!

    So the Chieftain is a medium-sized ship, can't wait to buy and fly this beauty!

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    Wow, I was expecting beta to be late feb. Looking forward to it.