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Thread: Servers are down.

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    Originally Posted by Paige Harvey View Post (Source)
    What platform are you currently playing on, Commander? We've not seen any other reports at this time but I'll be happy to take a look!
    Windows PC

    I the middle of a fight with a cyclops. Third heart on 4% when this happend

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    PC, game froze in the middle of engineering roll.

    Log says (several times):
    HTTP Request took <14-30> sec to complete ( ...)
    Webserver request failed: code 0

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    Germany PC as well.

    EDIT: Thargoids are attacking Britain! We need The Doctor!

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    Still 500 Internal Server Error for me

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    Down for me also, US, East Coast.

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    PC UK Server status: Offline

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    Windows PC, US. In game but it took me 3 tries to access mission board and it took 3 minutes for my "refuel ship" transaction to process.

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    Launcher also says servers are down.
    Why? Well, because its a Friday night and people want some R & R....that's why. ;-)
    If we paid for it, we would have cause for complaint....but.....we don't so its just tough.

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    We're investigating this right now Commanders, hold tight and we should have news for you soon!

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    Looks like a switch it off and on again job.

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    Server status: offline according to the launcher. (UK)

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