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Thread: Servers are down.

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    Originally Posted by Max Factor View Post (Source)
    Looks like a switch it off and on again job.
    Fixed it for me

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    man, the game sure is responsive now!

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    PC - Belgium servers offline

    While im still ingame i saw this alt tabing it:

    Edit: online again

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    Eastern US - back online and in. Although the launcher had issues.

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    Just came back up :-)

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    looks like they are back, thx Paige for taking care (or not ) lol

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    I blame... oh wait no politics.

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    Paris, PC, down too .....

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    UK PC, appears to be back online.

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    paige deserves a raise

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    Okay everyone! Appears to have been a minor blip. All servers should be coming back online now, but if you continue to have trouble please shut down the game entirely, wait a couple of minutes and then reload the game


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    Back in now - PC UK

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    Originally Posted by ozrix84 View Post (Source)
    paige deserves a raise
    o7 then!

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    Ah, minor blip eh. That technical term. The ol' turn it off and on again procedure.

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