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Thread: CMDR's of the Big Three, how much is your rebuy?

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    Originally Posted by sb413197 View Post (Source)
    Cutter is 49 million, purchased from none other than LYR, elite would be something like 60 million without the discount? It runs a prismatic-8 shield and reactive armor along with the normal A-rated stuff, making it pricey.

    My cutter has died 3 times, all due to the base griefing me. Twice from landing pad issues (getting stuck and unable to move), and once because I brilliantly flew into a station at like 350 or something and whacked some poor ship. Each time has hurt rather badly and have been the only times I considered combat logging. I didn't, and watched my beautiful cutter's flaming chunks fly off to distant ends of the station.
    This just happened to me, but i was leaving and clipped a Sidey that was incoming to the station, as I left the station guns opened up on me and took me out in fantastic fashion. 45M rebuy just like that.

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    Originally Posted by Titler View Post (Source)
    Goodness, some of you seem to have never heard of the 15% discount on both ship and all the parts, or must be using military hulls? My full combat spec Corvette is only 22.5m (27 without discount)... what on earth are you all adding to yours?
    Yeah. The 5% difference between JM & LYR matters when you're talking about hundreds of millions in rebuy. With an Asp or something, it doesn't matter as much.

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    27 mill for my Conda

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    Just under 30 million on my hybrid vette, with 15-30% discount on various parts and beta backer insurance.

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    Originally Posted by CentrumSilver View Post (Source)
    This just happened to me, but i was leaving and clipped a Sidey that was incoming to the station, as I left the station guns opened up on me and took me out in fantastic fashion. 45M rebuy just like that.
    As I said earlier... All to save maybe what? 30 seconds? A minute of time on the outside before you are clear and can jump out?

    Once you make one of the big ships your daily driver, you really need to reassess your entire approach to StarPort approaches and departures. I try to stay under 100 as a matter of course even when I am playing in Solo. Not because I agree with this speed limit being a good idea. I personally think the under 100 clicks limit is too slow, made worse by the fact that NPCs have never abided by the rule on departure. (They boost out as soon as they clear the slot 99% of the time)

    One of the reasons I don't play in Open much anymore is because of the total disregard for docking etiquette/courtesy out there. (Some of it deliberate) For whatever reason, the members of Mobius seem to have more respect for the posted speed limit. More than likely because the slower speeds gives the ships the appearance of being heavier/more massive, which plays into the whole immersion/realism/role play aspects of the game.

    Rushing around and trying to do everything in record time seems to be more popular with the casuals and new players than those of us who pretty much play the game every day. I can understand the frenetic pace if you are always on a limited schedule, but only if that is truly the case. Otherwise.... Slow the blank down!

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    6.4 million for my optimized multi-role Anaconda. Handles any content you throw at it and performs exceptionally well. Thargoids, Pirate Lords, haz res zones, combat zones, exploration, trades/transport/powerplay, etc. A beast of a ship that I only wished other ships had similar love so there would be greater diversity

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    My cutter is 49 millions, fully LYR discounted. Fully A rated, reactive. Litte over 1b invested.

    Conda is around 30 millions but cant remeber that one too well, once I done rng with it, it was barely ever used again.

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    Hmm. 35m on a 15% Corvette. But my c4 weapons are cheaper than the other alternatives (750k x2). A single c4 PA with discount was, what, 12mills? Considerable increase in insurance cost

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    About 15 million cr.

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    I've got a budget people mover Cutter and the rebuy is 14mil.....not too bad. I need to be careful. Only have enough for 65 rebuys

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    My Anaconda is about 13 mill Cr. rebuy, fitted out as an armoured cargo/passenger Liner. Still lacks the A-Grade Powerplant and Military Grade Armour though. So it might get a bit more expensive.

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    My Corvette is a bit over 40 mill but would be more as everything, including the ship, was bought at LYR systems.

    My Anaconda is around 30 mill, again LYR.

    Of course that doesn't include the mil and Black Friday paints and the red weapons, now that's was REAL money.

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    Originally Posted by Vasco Sapien View Post (Source)
    About three fiddy.
    I tole you to stay way from me Loch Ness monster!

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