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Thread: Performing Poodling

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    Performing Poodling

    The Performing Poodling is over for me I just cannot be bothered with the hoopjumpery to unlock and bribe Selene Jean to access Didi Veterman so I can Poodle Perform for her to be allowed to let me bribe her in to experimenting on my ship. Fdev should just admit the whole engineering aspect is flawed and the upcoming change is not a fix just simple tinkering with said flawd aspect. Come on Fdev man up and admit you got it wrong !

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    "Performing poodling" or experiencing different aspects of the game you may not have otherwise have tried?

    We've all been there, I did the 500 tonnes of mining and got the 25 Painintheassnite and I thought mining wasn't so bad, then I did the bromelite for Bill and thought that's it never mining again

    But i'm glad I tried it and extremely relieved that I may never have to mine again.

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    A 3 ring circus with free Colonoscopy.