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Thread: Game sharing and installation(xb1)

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    Game sharing and installation(xb1)

    Me and my brother have our Xbox ones linked (home Xbox thing) so we can play any Digital games together, Elite Dangerous however doesn't appear on his ready to install after I purchased it for the two of us, if heard of the horizons pass not being able to share but the game itself isn't there, anyone know anything more? Cheers

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    Have you set his xbox as your home xbox & visa versa?

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    Originally Posted by MickyG1982 View Post (Source)
    Have you set his xbox as your home xbox & visa versa?
    Yeah, it's all set up and he gets all other games and so do i, just elite doesn't work

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    Tried logging yourself onto his Xbox and downloading it that way?

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    Yeah, it didn't appear on the ready to install

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    Elite Dangerous and Horizons are both eligible for game sharing on the Xbox One, so I'm not entirely certain why it wouldn't be showing. Particularly if you've logged into your brother's Xbox using your profile which owns the game!

    It may be worth asking Xbox Live support to double check that the game has been associated with your profile correctly. Failing that, send in a ticket with your details and we'll see how we can help.

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