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Thread: Elite Racers present Breakout Series - Time Trial Challenge

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    Elite Racers present Breakout Series - Time Trial Challenge

    Elite Racers present Breakout Series - 1v1 Tournament

    Breakout Series - What is it?

    Main event poster

    The Elite Racer Breakout Series (Follow this link to sign up or find out more).

    Fathaggard over on the Elite Racers reddit/discord is hosting the Breakout Elite Racer series.
    It's live racing action with other racers around installation stations (similar to the action in this video)

    If, like me, you're unable to make those times (As an aussie, that痴 4am for me)
    I知 going to be hosting a tournament that attempts to blend time trial racing with live racing action in a head to head tournament.

    1v1 Tournament - How will it work?

    In short,
    It値l be a Swiss Style Tournament^ of 6 Rounds running alongside the main event.
    Rounds 1-2 will be at location #1
    Rounds 3-4 will be at location #2
    Rounds 5-6 will be at location #3

    6 rounds of swiss allows for 8-64 racers to join (if less than 8, we may do round robin instead).
    You値l be assigned an opponent, and be given 1 week to organise a time to race each other.
    Round 1 will start Jan 21. Same day the main events first round starts, and will last a week.
    Round 6 will finish Mar 04. Same day of the main events last round.
    More details below

    Which ship classes?
    To keep things fair, everyone will be running (a special Elite Racers eagle build) (no mods or engineering).
    It's the same build used in the Okinura Station Sprint (and the upcoming time trials for these installations).

    CMDR Ozric's Elite Eagle from the Okinura Station Sprint

    Rules and regulations
    • 1 week allowed per round
    • racers must organise time with their opponent
    • if a racer is absent, their competitor will receive a bye.
    • if both racers are absent, they both receive 0pts
    • If there are any problems, I値l review on a case-by-case basis.

    You値l race your opponent in a 3 heats
    You値l receive 3pts for a race win (If you will all 3 heats, thats 9pts),
    If you have a bye, you値l get 7pts.

    3 heats is to encourage racers to try their best each heat to score as many points as possible toward the leaderboard.
    If you find yourself unsure of who won a heat, please do the heat again. There are to be no draws in this event.

    • ^ Swiss style is the middle ground between elimination and round robin. You値l not race everyone, but allows everyone to race the same amount of rounds to earn points. Your points earned will be used to attempt to match you with a similarly skilled opponent.


    SIGN UP by either,
    * posting on this thread, or
    * posting on the elite racer discord.

    You'll need to be able to organise a race time with your opponent each week, so being available on both is recommended.

    Submitting proof of races.
    I need a screenshot of both ships together on the start line before your heats and a post here or discord telling me your scores.

    Optional, but I would love video footage from both racers and a spectator.
    It値l be used in a end of round roundup, (similar to my Okinura Station Sprint end of month videos).

    Most video cards have software that will enable video capture without excessive performance impact, for example, for AMD & Shadowplay for Nvidia.
    I use OBS Studio, with it set to use the shadowplay chip for recording.
    If you need help, don稚 hesitate to ask.

    Screenshots - I壇 still love to see screenshots of your races.
    You will need to upload screenshots (or video) somewhere safe and link it. I recommend imgur or youtube.

    Course Layouts

    Location #1 - System: Irusan, Bella Port
    3 Laps as shown in the track flythrough.
    Course layout

    Track Flythrough

    Location #2 - System: Zelano A4
    Course layout

    Track Flythrough - coming soon

    Location #3 - System: Pleione 4
    Course layout

    Track Flythrough - coming soon

    Confirmed Racerz

    • Terrorsidic
    • FatHaggard
    • TheCatIsDead


    Learn more about Elite Racers

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    You folks ever do any live races with weapons enabled?

    Large canyon race or similar with a set of pre-agreed fixed weapons would be one hell of a hoot.

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    Originally Posted by StiTch View Post (Source)
    You folks ever do any live races with weapons enabled?
    The Elite Racers haven't, but I do remember someone hosting an event with large ships and everyone armed with dumbfire missiles, but I can't seem to find who it was or where they posted any information about it.

    I'll keep looking and see if I can find it.

    EDIT: It was hosted by EIC, in their event called Tradermageddon

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    This sounds amazing. Very nicely presented, too!
    Will be checking out those highlights and flythrough videos for sure.

    Is there anything like this on PS4?

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    Originally Posted by Bobio View Post (Source)
    Is there anything like this on PS4?
    I'm only aware of PC groups that do racing sorry.

    You can still participate in the time trial events however.

    • This sunday I'll have the time trial details for racing around these installation stations.
    • There is also the Okinura Station Sprint
    • Or, the Attacked Station Spectacle () of racing around an attacked station (has to be the same layout as The Oracle to count for the leaderboard)
    • otherwise, keep an eye out for the next Buckyball Racing Club event

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    Cheers for the info! I feel inspired to make a dedicated racing Eagle ^^

    Also maybe a cheap Keelback I can lug around and do the SLF trials... Gosh I'm so easily distracted in this game!

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    Thanks for organising this! Sign me up please, same name in-game as here.

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    I've made an edit to the first post showing confirmed racerz

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    Looks like i missed the Drive Yards, but i did visit it and had a load of fun following the track.
    I'm game for the next two tracks if you have positions available.
    I will adjust my eagle to support a shield as noted (a special Elite Racers eagle build)
    in game CMDR Wetwire