NOTE: All current maps are available here: --> https://edastro.com/ <--

I know there are a variety of maps and graphs available through EDD, EDSM, etc, but for fun I thought I might try building a local copy of the EDSM data, and do some of my own. So far I have about 2/3 of the stars imported into MySQL (it's probably going to be a 24 hour load, from start to finish). But I managed to get my first map script working.

This is a logarithmic heat map of scanned stars (not visited star systems), including secondaries, colorized by stellar class (color temperature, basically).

I'm tempted to add a small HR-Diagram in the corner, some scale rulers, etc.


Click here for "low" resolution image (2320x2320, 1.5 MB)

In the above "low res" link, each pixel represents 50x50 lightyears. My hope is to generate this at 5x the linear resolution, with a 10 ly resolution, though that's taxing the system right now (server has only 12 GB RAM at the moment), so I'm testing at this much lower res.

I'm using a somewhat older server, and having to do some programming tricks to keep the memory footprint low, and deal with this enormous data set. It's turning out to be a fun little project. I haven't decided what else I want to do with it yet, but I thought I'd share.