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Thread: ED Astrometrics: Maps and Visualizations

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    Originally Posted by Orvidius View Post (Source)
    Thanks! Huh, hadn't really thought about AWS. It's partially standard modules (mainly the ImageMagick module), but then it calls out to the command line to run ffmpeg (the perl module is a pain to install apparently).
    Only thought of Amazon as a cheap(ish) way of digging yourself out of a hole if you Slashdotted yourself. That said, everything you've written seems entirely sensible, and it also sounds like you're on top of things if you've already got a queue in place. Now personally I'm wrestling with the dilemma to generate one or not. So many people have been so so soooo much further than I have

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    LOL, the good news is that it's not a competition. Short travels are good travels too!

    But yeah, it's on a form of virtual server hosting already. Technically I could resize it later if I need to, but the queue should keep things up and running. You can clearly see in the server activity when the reddit post happened this morning though...

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    Oh, I also forgot to mention that someone on the subreddit thread had asked for a high-res monochrome visited systems map, and I added that:

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    I have no idea how many reps I already gave you. Amazing job!

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    Absolutely amazing tool ! Thank you very much Cmdr Orvidius.

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    Well, it's continued to run well through the weekend, and usage has fallen back to more of what I think will be the normal "background" traffic. There was a lot more traffic for the first few days, as expected.

    I've made some tweaks and fixes to the video creator during that time, including some info about how far through the process it is, when your video is being created. It now handles multiple commanders better as well, particularly cases where they were played simultaneously, so the jumps are all mixed together time-wise.

    For some of the larger static maps, I added an estimate of percentage of galaxy represented, with the assumption that there are 400 billion star systems (I can change this setting if the number turns out to be different). It's amusing to see on the visited-systems map, that the visited percentage is showing as 0.004837%. Huge.

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    Originally Posted by Orvidius View Post (Source)
    It's amusing to see on the visited-systems map, that the visited percentage is showing as 0.004837%. Huge.
    I've actually taken the liberty of saving that nice black and white heat map you did for the next time I see someone complaining that they can't find anything that hasn't been discovered. The obvious answer that map suggests is ... well don't don't fly backwards and forwards along the same damn routes that every other commander in the galaxy has been following then! (he says, having just made a bee line from the crab nebula straight back to the bubble).

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    I added a chasing zoom view. Whew. That ended up being more of a pain than I expected, but only because of unluckily running out of disk space while testing it, and also some assumptions I made early on in development without this feature. But I think I have it all sorted out now.

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    @Orvidius, have you considered doing an updated version of this?:

    Would really love to see something in the same style but with up to date data.

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    Huh, certainly possible. I'll put some thought into it.

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    Originally Posted by Orvidius View Post (Source)
    Rep++++ from me - that's awesome!

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    Dumb question. All heat maps I see have a big triangle in the middle around the core. I know one point is the bubble, and one is Colonia, but what's the third? It seems to be on the "other" side of the core, Galactic East if you will.

    Ninja - It's Sag*A, isn't it?

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    Yep, a big triangle between the bubble, Colonia, and Sagittarius A*.

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    Originally Posted by Orvidius View Post (Source)
    That's exactly what I was having in my mind, love it!!!!